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Tuesdays with Stories- a fun weekly pod hosted by NYC comedians Joe List and Mark Normand. Luckily, Joe and Mark are funny (thank God) and have an endless amount of funny stories. They meet every week to spin a few hilarious yarns, sometimes with comedian friends. Give it a listen and be theirRead more

Popular episodes

#430 Balzac Bust

Dec 7 • 01:08:18

Hooooo weeee, it's a spicy Tuesdays as Joe deals with a heckler who hates his Starbucks before dealing with a cursing waiter and a very annoying football fan. Check it out!...

#429 Ignore The Cat

Nov 30 • 01:13:50

Happy post Thanksgiving Tuesgays, this week we talk Koi fish, inanimate objects talking, if it really "is what it is", & if Mark will get a new place before Mark goes to a Chappelle after party and shope for a weird board game. Check it out!...

#428 Puke and Run

Nov 23 • 01:12:41

It's a whirlwind of an ep this week as Mark's bike goes missing before a nightmare trip to Vancouver while Joe has a hell of a time at Starbucks. Check it out!...

#427 Hate A Bisc

Nov 16 • 01:04:44

It's a scorching ep this week as the guys recap their trip to Skankfest South before Mark goes to L.A. for an impromptu TV taping while Joe deals with the worst plane passenger he's ever seen. Check it out!...

#426 Rap Roots

Nov 9 • 01:03:38

Hey Hey Tuesgays, Mark and Joe are coming at you from a hotel room at Skankfest to hear about Mark's trip to Austin, Joe's hockey experience in Seattle, and much more. Check it out!...

#425 Bald Guy Mug

Nov 2 • 01:09:24

Hachi machi, it's another hot Tuesdays ep as Joe and Sarah encounter a weird guy in an elevator before we talk about past jobs and physical pain in comedy. Check it out!...

#424 Swoop In

Oct 26 • 01:13:31

Sheesh, it's another hot ep this week as Joe helps a bystander after a big slip and fall while Mark does yoga with Ari Shaffir before they both see a Band of Horses concert. Check it out!...

#423 Blown Plug

Oct 19 • 01:16:22

It's a jam packed ep as Joe meets some rude and perturbed folks at a tennis tournament before interrupting an emergency shit while Mark has multiple tire issues before an emotional heckler causes chaos at a show. Check it out! ...

#422 Red Light Fail

Oct 11 • 01:12:13

It's a piping hot ep this week as Joe gets a massage before a very invasive T.S.A. search while Mark travels to Madison, WI and has more car and moped troubles. Check it out!...

#421 Whole Boost

Oct 5 • 01:11:03

Hoooo weeee, it's another great Tuesdays as we're pontificating about death, the biggest states, how we know what to eat, and more! Check it out!...

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