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A community driven podcast about the stories we make while playing the games we love on, around, and under the gaming table. This podcast includes: stupid stories, a stupider host, dumb gaming news, elevator pitches for games, and some inside perspectives about running a game company. Join AlanRead more

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201 The final episode???

Jun 7 • 01:18:30
The show is transforming into a YouTube channel, complete with video and special guests. You can find the new show here:…r/tuesdayknightgames

HOWEVER! Does this mean we should end the podcast? Well the B-Team may have other ideas. Listen to this episode and let us know if we should continue the podcast or just go all in on TKtv (the YouTube show).

The epi...

200 The Big 200th Episode Celebration

Jan 21 • 55:21
What was your most/least favorite episode of the last 200? Sean and Alan take a look back, make plans for the future, listen to "A Birthday to Die," Knight a knave, and more. Is this the last episode of the Tuesday Knight Podcast? Kind of.


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Skeleton Dance

199 Sean Solo's Adventure on Planet Parenthood [featuring Gradient Descent and Langston!]

Dec 12 • 18:37
What is the best MegaDungeon ever? Don't know what one is? Sean McCoy is on his own on this episode, where he teaches you what you need to know, and all about our latest Kickstarter for the our next Mothership adventure... Gradient Descent! Sean beams this episode through space as he is currently visiting Planet Parenthood with his sidekick (and son) Langston.

Gradient Desc...

198 Stealing Game Ideas [featuring Tropes, Aaron Crow, and Ryan Scott]

Nov 28 • 51:32
Do you know of a game that was stolen from another game? Maybe the games just coincidentally are incredibly similar. Ryan Scott and Aaron Crow join this episode and tell their tale of their game "Tropes." NERF gun wars, pirates, a whole lot of action movies, and the perils of game designed are all discussed on this episode of the TKPodcast.

Get your copy of "Tropes" here:

197 Electric Bastionland [featuring Chris McDowall]

Nov 14 • 44:19
What was the first roleplaying game you ever played? Chris McDowall (@bastionland) joins Alan to talk everything RPG. Join them as they geek about Games Workshop (@GW_officialUK), Warhammer, and Heroquest. They ask, "which Chaos God would most likely corrupt you?" But mostly, Chris describes this latest RPG, Electric Bastionland, currently on Kickstarter. Alan even rolls ...

196 Halloween 2019 [featuring Many Monster Guests]

Oct 31 • 27:34
What is your scariest story? It's the annual Halloween story episode of the podcast. Join the Malthaus Games Podcast crew (@Malthausgames)with Haley (@Squirrellygeek) and Delton Brack (@deltonbrack), Sir Upside Down with his Mothership session report (http://www.tuesdaykn…, Dead Alive Games (, and two new potential knights.

Music A...

195 B Team Storage Wars, Medium, Don't Get Got

Oct 24 • 40:01
How do you organize your game collection? Join Comrade Will (@washinthesink), B Team Logan (@LoganJenkins), and Dungeon Master Greg (@whitewing)as they discuss the games from Gen Con they played the most, what is it like to move to an entire new state, and more!

Edited by: William Anderson
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194 Omicron Protocol [featuring creators Brendan Kendrick and Bernie Lin]

Oct 17 • 44:05
What is the best elevator pitch you've ever heard? For Alan, it just may be from the duo that designed Omicron Protocol, squad-based miniatures game currently on Kickstarter ( Listen to Bernie Lin and Brendan Kendrick discuss how they met, their love for games, their attempts to voice female characters, and all about their behind-the-scenes efforts t...

193 SHUX19 Live Show [featuring a Butt Ton of People]

Oct 10 • 55:55
Which gaming convention seems to have the most equal representation of men and women? @SHUXshow 2019 seemed to have a pretty even distribution, which is most excellent. In this LIVE episode, Alan (@alangerding)and Lindsey (@linzy_rd) take to the stage and host a bevy of guests, including:
Jennifer Abele (designer of "Tooth or Bear")
Mike Selinker(@mikeselinker)
Jonathan Ying ...

192 Comedians and Cardboard [featuring Grant Lyon]

Oct 3 • 47:18
When is the best time to play games? How do you organize your friends into a regular gaming group? Who is your favorite comedian of all time? The comedian Grant Lyon (@grantlyon1) joins the podcast to discuss his life as a comedian and how it eventually intersected into gaming.

Mentioned this episode:
Shane Mauss (@shanecomedy)

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