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Truth Talks with Tara is a podcast dedicated to helping you know, love and live God's Word in your everyday life. Each Tuesday, we'll pour into the depths of Scripture, unpack topics and themes like never before and let God's word speak for itself... because His TRUTH TALKS. In this space, joinRead more

Popular episodes

Who Is Jesus To You? with my brother, Lee!

Jul 20 • 37:23

The long awaited episode... an episode with my brother, Lee! Today, we sat down to record what God has been stirring in my brother's heart: Who is Jesus to you? Is He just an influential figure in my life or is He "preeminent"?...

Who's Approval Are You Living For? with Mariela Rosario

Jul 13 • 38:39

Who's approval are you living for? Man or God?...

The Dangers of Manifestation with Anna Moritz

Jun 29 • 45:48

Some believe we can "manifest the life that we want" through purely positive vibes, thoughts and intentions. This is called "manifestation." It sounds nice and harmless, right? But when we look at this through the lens of Scripture, it's dangerous and deadly....

Quitting Comparison & Choosing Unity with the Soul Sisters Blog

Jun 22 • 39:19

We live in a world full of comparison, jealousy and disunity. We see it on our social media feeds and in our everyday lives. We want to break free from it and it's toxic effect on our lives, but how? What is God's antidote to this "illness"?...

Why We Should Read the ENTIRE Bible

Jun 15 • 17:26

For this mini episode, join Tara as she answers this question: "Should we read the ENTIRE Bible? What's the big deal about it?"...

Bible "Hermeneutics" with Grant Clay

May 25 • 54:42

Hermeneutics... it may sound like a scary word, but you need it in your Bible-learning tool belt. Grant Clay, a friend and pastor, is joining us on the show today to tell us what it looks like to UNDERSTAND the Bible in the way that God intended....

Choosing Joy with Lauren Carter

May 11 • 54:34

Did you hear?! The Tara Sun Sticker Shop is officially launching on May 17th, 2021!🎉...

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