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Truth About Dyslexia


Welcome to The Truth About Dyslexia podcast, up to 20% of the population being dyslexic (at some level) - I wanted to share my journey, what I am learning, doing and understanding to see if it can help other adult dyslexics. This is not the reading and writing stuff but what it actually means.Read more

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Personality Tests and Dyslexia

Dec 1 • 11:18
What types of personalities do dyslexics have? In this episode I wanted to talk about the Myers Briggs test and how we show up.

Here is the test I talk through on the podcast for dyslexics to try it's free -

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The Dyslexic Identity Struggle

Nov 29 • 14:41
Masking, identity, cut and pasting, authenticity.... all things we struggle with as Dyslexic's. Not something many dive deep into. A great question from a listener got me digging deeper into the challenge many with dyslexia have.

Enjoy this was a fun one to talk about.

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Where Attention Goes Energy Flows

Nov 24 • 12:49
If you have dyslexia and/or adhd (they are very close friends). Then you would know that the control of your attention can feel like you are holding a massive fire hose that is being controlled by the water not always you.

In this podcast I want to talk about a couple of ways I use to control my dyslexic minded attention and get my Energy to flow in the right direction - ev...

#updatecast - Ending out the year, To List Bingo & sticking to a routine

Nov 21 • 12:53
I love my dyslexic brain & sometimes it needs to do an Update cast. Where I get to share a bunch of different stuff that is interesting me, that I am thinking about and getting lost with.

In this podcast I share:
- How grateful I am as we finish off 'The Confident Dyslexic' Cohort from October.
- Where I am getting stuck with routine in my life + Why it has to change.
- The...

Copy & Paste: How watching and doing can get us in trouble.

Nov 17 • 14:01
I spoke to 2 dyslexic's yesterday and the same challenge appeared. I see this as probably the most challenging aspect of dyslexia outside the standard reading, writing and spelling.

It is how we learn to operate in the world. I wanted to dive in and share some key thoughts about when this serves us and when it doesn't

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Should I get an Official Dyslexia Diagnosis?

Nov 10 • 09:18
Should I get an official diagnosis for Dyslexia?

In this episode I am not going to talk about where to get one, what type to get and how it works.
I am going to dig into the deeper question of should I just self diagnose dyslexia or should I get an actual test done. This question is asked by so many people and I wanted to weigh in.

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Experiments that lead to Experiences: Changing The Dyslexic Mind

Nov 9 • 13:43
Have you ever tried to study for long periods of time, getting distracted at every turn.
Maybe it was something tedious at work that frustrated you to no end.
Over my years I have learned that I can not learn that way.
Not truly learn.
Changing habits or truly learning something new comes From experiments that lead to experiences.
In this episode I share some gold for dyslexics...

Meet - Molly, a University Student in the UK

Nov 3 • 07:17
Here is our second 'Dyslexia in Brief' Interview - I think the name changes for each of these. Molly shares a bit about her journey with Dyslexia. Thanks for getting up the courage to talk about your dyslexic life.

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3 Ways To Stay Grounded

Nov 1 • 12:18
I'm not sure about you but people talk about being 'grounded' I used to think it that was when planes weren't mean't to take off 😂

But most of the time they were referring to us as humans being grounded. In this episode we dive into a few different techniques I am trying. The second one is really good and has helped with my anxiety so wanted to share.

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My 3 Favourite Gifts of Dyslexia

Oct 27 • 13:03
I am sure I do this type of pod every few months - But this one really flowed like absolute gold (in my mind at least 😂 )

These 3 Gifts of Dyslexia are big ones.

You may notice some in yourself or maybe not. You may have a feeling about them but not grown them into skills or abilities you are proud of yet. What ever the case. I hope you really enjoy the pod. 
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