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Trust Me: Cults, Extreme Belief, and the Abuse of Power

Society-and-culture • True-crime • Comedy

A podcast about cults, extreme belief, and abuse of power – from two hosts who’ve actually lived it. Hosted by Lola Blanc and Meagan Elizabeth. If you have your own story about cults, high control groups, manipulation, or abuse of power - leave us a voicemail at 513.900.2955 OR shoot us an emailRead more

Popular episodes

#56: Lauren & John Matthias - Investigating Chad & Lori Daybell

Dec 1 • 01:01:41

In part one of their interview with true crime power couple and hosts of the Hidden podcast, Lauren and Dr John Matthias, Lola and Meagan dig into the LDS backgrounds of Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow Daybell, Chad's history as a fiction writer, how zombies and Munchausen by proxy play into their story, and the horrific deaths of the people close to the couple....

#55: Angie Kehler & Yahanna Masimer - The Assembly of YHWHhoshua

Nov 17 • 01:09:42

Two best friends in a cult. Angie Kehler & Yahanna Masimer share their experience growing up in the Assembly of YHWHhoshua, founded by self-proclaimed prophet Laycher Gonzalez, who had visions from "YHWH." They discuss the strict dress code restrictions, not being allowed to have drawings, paintings, or photos, and how one member died after being forbidden from going to th...

#54: Purity Culture and Narcissist Dads

Nov 10 • 01:09:53

Lola & Meagan open up the hotline to Mlee in Houston as she shares her culty childhood with a narcissist "Super Dad", and Holly in West Virginia, a self-described "bus kid" who grew up dating two brothers in a small town Baptist purity culture....

#53: Rachel Bernstein & IndoctriNation

Nov 3 • 01:04:45

Ever heard of a cult specialist? Therapist / IndoctriNation podcast host, Rachel Bernstein, shares what healing looks like after leaving a cult, common themes in manipulation recovery, signs that someone is in a high control group or experiencing dissociation, and advice for those with loved ones in a cult....

#52: Dr Ramani Durvasula: Narcissism 101

Oct 27 • 01:30:18

Are you a narcissist? Statistically, it's possible! Dr Ramani Durvasula joins Lola and Meagan for a clinic on all things narcissism including whether narcissists are born or made, how it differs from psychopathy, how dating a narcissist is similar to being in a cult, and if its possible to keep someone from becoming a narcissist!...

#51: Jennings Brown: Investigating the Fellowship of Friends

Oct 21 • 01:20:34

Jennings Brown, reporter and host of cult podcasts The Gateway and Revelations, discusses life on the lavish compound of the Fellowship of Friends leading up to their doomsday date, why people cling to their prophecies when they don't come true, allegations of sexual assault against the group's leader, and the orgy that was compared to a trip to the DMV....

#50: Glenn Carter: UK Raelian Leader, Part Two

Oct 6 • 01:13:53

In part two of Lola and Meagan's interview with UFO cult leader Glenn Carter, they discuss the cloning controversy that the Raelian movement was known for, Glenn's relationship with the movement's founder, and an interesting debate on power dynamics and personal responsibility....

#49: Glenn Carter: UK Raelian Leader, Part One

Sep 29 • 01:11:33

It's a Trust Me first! Actor / musician / leader of the UK Raelian chapter Glenn Carter joins Lola & Meagan in part one of their conversation about Glenn's religious group with unconventional views on alien life, how he became the regional leader, and all things meditation, evolution, and cloning!...

#48: The Cult of Hollywood

Sep 22 • 53:02
Can success be its own cult? Lola & Meagan delve into how abuse of power plays into the entertainment industry, the experiences they've had firsthand with people in power, and the dark side of the pursuit of stardom.

If you have your own story about cults, high-control groups, manipulation, or abuse of power, leave us a voicemail at 513-900-2955, OR shoot us an email at tru...

#47: Natascia Mallin: Therapy Cult, Part Two

Sep 15 • 48:57

In part two of their discussion with author of The First 50, Natascia Mallin, Lola and Meagan discuss the trauma bonding that happened within the group, whether or not the program really worked, and the importance of staying anchored to the outside world....

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