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True Tea w/ Kat Blaque


True Tea is a podcast by Kat Blaque, a woman sitting at the intersections of transness, blackness, kink, sex positivity and polyamory. In this podcast, she answers questions asked about the nuances of her life and also poses questions to her audience with a desire to learn. Sometimes she's right,Read more

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[Call-In Show] Survivors Discuss Hypersexuality After Sexual Violence

Dec 1 • 52:35

Hypersexuality After Sexual Violence

Nov 24 • 21:27

When you've been assaulted, the assumption is frequently that you would become more modest, less sexual and very protective of who you allow into your physical space. This idea is often predicated on the idea that sexual violence only occurs when someone seems receptive to it. This is an obvious fallacy, but the hypersexual response to assault is still very confusing to ma...

[Call-In Show] Black Queer Folk Discuss The Complications of Black Love

Nov 24 • 51:24

When you're black, you're often raised with this idea of black love. My parents directly told me not to date outside of my race. However, as a trans woman, I've found this to be pretty complex and I discussed that in the last episode. Now I open the floor to folks who  have had similar, but also different experiences pursuing black love when you're black, trans and/or queer. ...

Dating Black Men When You're a Black Trans Woman

Nov 9 • 46:18

As someone with several long term relationships with white men, I'm often criticized for not having relationships with black men. This has often put me into a position where I'm having to measure if I'm willing to stick to my general standard of a man who wants to claim me, or shift my standards "for the cause". It seems as though some people would rather me be in a secret...

[Call-In Show] The Spectrum Responds to Crossdressing/Sissification and Misogyny

Nov 5 • 44:34

Crossdressers, Sissies and Misogyny

Oct 5 • 43:15
As a transgender woman, I'm frequently put in positions where I've been approached by sissies or crossdressers. While these two fetishes aren't exactly the same, I do find that they tend to relate in terms of how many men practice these fetishes. When femininity is framed as a shameful, negative, disgusting thing and men fetishize that, its hard for me to decouple that fro...

[Call-In Show] Black Men Discuss Race Play

Sep 28 • 01:30:28

[Call-in] Black Women Discuss Race Play

Sep 28 • 01:03:07

How I Feel About Race Play

Sep 22 • 32:11

[Call-in Show] DFAB NB Folks and Trans Men Discuss Dating Straight Men And Lesbians

Sep 14 • 01:41:18

Last week I discussed my complex experiences with men who read me as a DFAB NB person who were really disappointed when they discovered that I didn't have the "right parts". The collateral damage of a man with fairly heteronormative sexual interests rebranding themselves as some shade of queer lead me to have a deeper conversation about DFAB NB folks who are often being di...

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