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True Crime Podcast spilling all the details on killers and creeps from the Pacific Northwest with host, Ginger the True Crime Queen! *Explicit SARCASTIC Language* Support this podcast:

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Jorden Simms - #Justice4Jorden

Oct 29 • 01:22:28

Justice for Jorden Marie Simms...

Jerry Brudos - The Shoe Fetish Slayer

Jul 12 • 01:11:18

Jerry Brudos - The Shoe Fetish Slayer

Perhaps you’ve seen his... “shoe work” on Mindhunter- but have you really heard the crazy-ass story that led to the 1969 capture of one of the most infamous “lust killers” in American crime? Meet Jerry Brudos, the Oregon state, stiletto-wearing necrophile/rapist/murderer of the late 1960’s......

The Rajneeshees

Feb 19 • 01:10:35

PNW CULTS: The Rise and Fall of the Rajneeshees...

Justice for Hailey Dunn

Feb 5 • 01:35:31

Hailey went missing from Colorado City on December 27th of 2010 and her remains would end up being found just 30 miles away, over three years later (March 2013). It’s now been OVER 10 years  without justice for Hailey. There have been no arrests made and no charges pursued since her body was discovered. So who killed Hailey Dunn and why are they getting away with it?...

Mary Kay LeTournaeu - Teacher turned Rapist

Nov 26 • 01:01:25
THE MOST INFAMOUS SCHOOL TEACHER: It was 1996 when the Seattle area school teacher, Mary Kay LeTourneau, was caught repeatedly raping a former student of hers starting at the age of 13. She was convicted of child rape and served 7 years in prison but NOT before having 2 of his children before the boy was even 15 years old. They later get married and some people still have ...

Paul Kenneth Keller - Seattle's Serial Arsonist

Nov 14 • 38:38

During a chaotic 6 month long string of over 100 fires, from 1992 to 93 that would end up claiming the lives of 3 victims and causing over $30 million in damages. The entire Puget sound area was literally being terrorized by one of Washington State’s most prolific serial arsonists, Paul ‘the pyromaniac piece of shit’ Keller....

The Peculiar Case of Elisa Lam

Oct 31 • 28:58

The highly debated case of 21 year old Canadian tourist, Elisa Lam - who’s mysterious death within the rooftop water tanks of an infamous Los Angeles based hotel has lots of people still wondering: was Elisa depressed, possessed or murdered?...

Ronald O'Bryan - The Candy Man

Oct 16 • 29:32

We are forever paranoid about our kiddo’s Halloween candy....but why? In reality, reports of stranger tainted candy are almost non-existent while there are actually MORE documented instances of actual FAMILY MEMBERS exploiting this sinister urban legend. Come learn all about the FATHER who took “trick-or-treat” to a cold-blooded level, Ronald Clark O’Bryan - now known as, ...

The Senseless Murder of Kaylee Sawyer

Oct 2 • 58:41

31 year old, college security officer, Edwin Lara goes rogue when he abducts and murders an innocent young woman walking on school grounds, and if that isn't bad enough - Edwin would then kidnap 4 others, and attempt to murder a 5th, all while traveling from Oregon to Southern California....

PATREON PREVIEW: The Jodi Arias Case

Sep 19 • 01:00:38

Jodi Arias, the only murderer in modern history that has her meat curtains draped all over the internet. Jodi is the *epitome* of a psycho ex-girlfriend, she and Travis Alexander fall in lust- ripped apart by her jealousy and his religion...and basically, if she can't be with Travis, no one will. Get this crazy bitch a rubber room and a straightjacket brooo, maybe take som...

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