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Kent Chungus is a true diamond in the rough. He's the only redneck historian for miles. The Operator calls him on the phone and secretly records his intricate story-telling. And then may or may not be profiting off of it by turning it into this podcast. Evil. Genius.

Popular episodes

Dead Celebrities

Dec 2 • 01:36:46

We lost some of the celebrities on today's show way before we were ready to let them go. And some stayed much longer than we needed them here on earth....

Yuba County Five

Nov 15 • 02:35:07

Considered the "American Dyatlov Pass," the Yuba County Five is a dark mystery full of mystery and mysterious unanswered mysteries....

Ed Kemper • Part 3

Oct 11 • 01:34:27

In this, the final part of the Ed Kemper story, more heads will roll. Ed spends more time in the Jury Room and avoid a jury altogether. Plus Clarnell... that friggin' windbag makes another brief appearance....

Ed Kemper • Part 2

Oct 11 • 01:42:00

Part two of this riveting redneck rendition of the horrible person, Ed Kemper, is now ready for your listening pleasure. Well, here it is. Press play... oh by the way... Kemper is gonna be a three part-er...

Ed Kemper • Part 1

Oct 11 • 01:30:19

In part 1 of the Ed Kemper story, Kent and The Op discuss his early childhood, how games like MouseTrap and Lincoln Logs are critical to the formative years of any child, and much, much more....

Eli Stutzman

Sep 17 • 01:57:49

We dug through all of the Amish serial killers that we could find, and chose the cream of the crop to present to you today. Actually it was a quick search since he is the ONLY Amish serial killer in history. Kent gets graphic, The Op goes green. This one has rubber toys, fire, bullets, and buttons... beautiful, ornate, forbidden buttons. Enjoy....

The North Hollywood Shootout

Aug 9 • 02:35:59

A true Western standoff, that looks more like something out of downtown Afghanistan....

Michael Malloy

Jul 12 • 02:25:53

He's been called "Iron Mike," and "The Irish Rasputin." They tried to kill him. But he just wouldn't die....

The Sky King

Jun 11 • 02:32:08

The Bloody Benders

May 25 • 01:59:57

A case that needs no introduction, because Kent is tired of doing them ... The Bloody Benders. We are doing the Bloody Benders....

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