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The voice of trndsttrs exists to highlight, showcase, and capture actionable advice on becoming a trndsttr. Our wish is to equip you with the knowledge to set trends in your own practice by learning from today's trndsttrs. Join us on our mission to educate, disrupt markets, fuel innovation, andRead more

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Is Decentralized Social Media the Future? | Interview with Weentar Co-founders

Jul 26 • 27:21

On today's episode I interview the co-founders of Weentar, a decentralized social media project creating a platform for creators to tokenize and own the content they push across social media....

Alexis Gillette | Delivering Organizational Change in Marketing

Mar 17 • 26:07

.Today we welcome marketing leader and team-first player, Alexis Gillette, to the Trndsttrs Podcast!...

What Are NFTs & How Can Brands Leverage NFTs?

Mar 3 • 10:32

On today's podcast episode we welcome Trndsttrs post-creative strategist, Ankit M. to the podcast to break down the latest trend: NFTs....

Jochen Koedijk (CMO @ ADT) | The Power of Brand Purpose

Mar 2 • 27:20

On today's podcast, we welcome Jochen Koedijk, the CMO of ADT....

Brian Kardon (CMO @ InVision) | How Marketing Has Evolved And Where It Is Going

Feb 22 • 32:47

On today's podcast episode we welcome Brian Kardon, CMO at InVision. ...

Trndsttrs Weekly | Gen Z Dating, Super Bowl Ad Review, and How Gymshark is Dominating the Gen Z Market

Feb 17 • 03:57

Trndsttrs Weekly | Gen Z + Life Insurance, CIA Recruiting Strategy, & Reddit's Brand Dominance

Feb 8 • 02:32

Hey everyone!...

Michael Hunter | Is Generational Marketing Real?

Feb 3 • 30:32

On today's podcast, we welcome Michael Hunter, currently a director with AlixPartners....

Bill Hurley | Digital Transformation

Feb 1 • 35:54

On today's episode we welcome Bill Hurley, a digital transformation leader operating the current CMO of Syniverse....

Jaekob Chenina | Artificial Intelligence

Jan 28 • 25:25

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