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Dharma talks by Jundo Cohen & others from Treeleaf Zendo

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November 2021 Zazenkai Talk ( OUR MONTHLY 4-hour Treeleaf ZAZENKAI - Vimalakirti Sutra Series)

Nov 30 • 34:56

October 2021 Zazenkai Talk (OUR MONTHLY 4-hour Treeleaf ZAZENKAI - Dedicated to Reiyu Payen)

Nov 11 • 38:52

Today's Talk will reflect on Further Passages from the Vimalakirti Sutra, chapter III (the Arhats) ... We will see further examples of how this tale seeks to blend an idealized view of the Bodhisattva with life on earth, in this complicated world....

September 2021 Zazenkai Talk (Commencement of 2021 ANGO & JUKAI Season)

Oct 14 • 41:44

Today's Talk will reflect on passages from the Vimalakirti Sutra....

March 2021 Zazenkai Talk (The 'Missing' Heart Sutra)

Mar 21 • 42:24

February 2021 Zazenkai Talk (The 'Missing' Heart Sutra)

Feb 14 • 46:48

Our Talk this week will look at the mysterious 'missing parts' of the Heart Sutra (Hannya Shingyo 般若心経), as the first in a series of monthly reflections on ... the Heart Sutra!...

January 2021 Zazenkai Talk (New Year Reflections on Poems and Teachings by Daichi Zenji)

Jan 6 • 46:24

OUR NEW YEARS TALK will be based on the Poems and Teachings of Daichi Zenji (1290-1366) who became a monk under 寒巌義尹 Kangan Giin (1217-1300) who was himself a disciple of Dogen Zenji. After Kangan's death Daichi visited various teachers and later practiced with Keizan Zenji for seven years....

November 2020 Zazenkai Talk (Book Tour Kickoff)

Nov 20 • 49:04

October 2020 Zazenkai Talk (The Verse of Atonement & The Four Vows)

Oct 25 • 49:04

All harmful acts, words and thoughts, ever committed by me since of old,
On account of beginningless greed, anger and ignorance,
Born of my body, mouth and mind,
Now I atone for them all...

September 2020 Zazenkai Talk (Sept 4th-5th, 2020 - OUR MONTHLY 4-hour Treeleaf ZAZENKAI - Commencing Jukai & Ango!)

Sep 11 • 51:45

August 2020 Zazenkai Talk (July 31th-August 1st, 2020 - OUR MONTHLY 4-hour Treeleaf ZAZENKAI)

Sep 7 • 45:55

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