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A Good Podcast About Bad Relationships. Every Wednesday and Sunday, Alicia and Stacie take you on a comedic ride through stories of marital misconduct and love gone wrong, blending biography, pop culture, history, and politics. "It’s one part Vanity Fair meets Town & Country, one part country musicRead more

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09 Trashy Breakups: L'Ame Des Poetes | Gene Tierney and John F. Kennedy

Dec 1 • 25:37

Before sweeping Jacqueline Bouvier off her feet, a young and confident Navy man met Hollywood stunner Gene Tierney on a visit to the set of the film she was shooting in 1946. They were both enthralled, but Gene was just finishing her divorce from fashion designer Oleg Cassini, and John F. Kennedy, began the romance with two strikes against it: his Roman Catholic family, wh...

S12E8: Get It While You Can | Uma Thurman & Gloria Swanson

Nov 28 • 01:13:55

This week, we've got two of Hollywood's most fascinating women, from very different eras. Stacie has the two divorces of Uma Thurman, who has an entirely Marvel-worthy origin story, and Alicia has screen legend and proto-feminist pioneer Gloria Swanson, whose transition from silent film actress to filmmaker was as remarkable as her six marriages and long affair with Joe Ke...

08 Trashy Breakups: I Don't Need You Anyway | Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

Nov 24 • 35:59

For most of this year, Alicia's been following the slow motion collapse of her favorite celebreality couple, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. She covered their origin story in Season 6, back in June of 2020, and since then, things only seem to have gotten more breakup-y between the plucky actress and her increasingly estranged husband....

Introducing Love Letters to....

Nov 22 • 03:01

Trash Panda Nation - we are so excited to share with you HUGE news from Trashy Divorces Headquarters!...

S12E7: Stuck In The Middle With You | Joan Fontaine & Trashy Bonapartes Deux, Napoleon and Marie Louise

Nov 21 • 01:14:14

We're featuring some Patreon favorites this week because Atlanta's red hot housing market has brought loud renovations to our normally quiet neighborhood. First up, Alicia follows up her Olivia de Havilland story from last week by spotlighting her sister, fellow actress Joan Fontaine. Then Stacie romps through the second marriage of Napoleon Bonaparte, to Austria's Princes...

07 Trashy Breakups: Call It a Loan | Jake Gyllenhaal

Nov 17 • 31:32

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is having some kind of week. Not only did his pop star ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, re-release the album documenting their ill-fated romance, but she also made a short film about it all, and released a second song and video that sent Swifties to their keyboards to demand a decade old scarf. We talk about some of Jake's other relationships, including r...

S12E6: Beyond the Sea | Rose Porteous and Lang Hancock & Olivia de Havilland

Nov 14 • 01:37:15

This week, Stacie has the wild story of one of Australia's most surprising marriages and nastiest family battles, that of Rose Porteous, Lang Hancock, and Lang's daughter, Gina Rinehart. Then, Alicia has the life and loves of screen legend Olivia de Havilland....

06 Trashy Breakups: Only Love Can Break Your Heart | Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash

Nov 10 • 32:31

In honor of Joni Mitchell's 78th birthday this week, Alicia commandeers Trashy Breakups to tell the story of her ill-fated romance with fellow musical icon Graham Nash, and talk about some of the enduring music they made for, and about, one another....

S12E5: I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair | Robin Wright and Sean Penn & Cicely Tyson and Miles Davis

Nov 7 • 01:00:32

Some relationships really just boil down their turbulence, and that's definitely the story with our couples this week. Alicia has the ups and downs that were the relationship of actress Robin Wright and actor Sean Penn, and Stacie gets kind of blue about the ill-fated romance of actress Cicely Tyson and jazz legend Miles Davis....

05 Trashy Breakups: Highway to Hell | Persephone and Hades

Nov 3 • 34:53

We're finally feeling the autumn here at TDHQ, and Alicia is in the spirit of the changing of the seasons. But why do the seasons change? You may have heard a lot of bogus stories about planetary rotation and tilt as a kid, but we are here to tell it like it is: Long ago, the God of the Underworld fell for the Maiden of Spring, a pairing of which her mother, the Goddess of...

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