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Translation is the process of turning basic scientific research into therapies that cure disease, new sources of energy that heal the planet, and other things that move the world forward. The Translation podcast takes a deep dive into scientific advancements with a huge potential to improveRead more

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Screening for Enhanced RNA Vaccines with Kathrin Leppek, Gun Woo Byeon, and Hannah Wayment-Steele

Oct 14 • 49:07

Episode Summary: ...

Illuminating Immunity to COVID-19 with Susanna Elledge

Oct 7 • 36:31

Episode Summary:...

Listening to Neurons with Sumner Norman

Sep 30 • 57:38

Episode Summary:...

Phage Evolved Medicine with Travis Blum

Sep 23 • 40:40

Episode Summary: Enzymes that break down other proteins, or proteases, could be used as a powerful therapeutic if they could specifically chew-up disease causing entities. However many proteases are non-specific, breaking any protein in their path, while the specific ones target proteins that would provide no therapeutic benefit. Travis and his colleagues developed a riff ...

What boosts immune boosters? with Kevin Litchfield

Sep 16 • 49:06

Episode Summary: ...

New CRISPR, New Function with Leo Vo

Sep 9 • 57:31

Episode Summary:...

What Regulates the Regulatory T cells? with Jessica Cortez

Feb 25 • 41:05

Whether it's Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes, Lupus, or Crohn's Disease, autoimmunity is a rapidly growing problem that traditional pharmaceuticals have failed to completely cure. While these diseases have very different symptoms, they all have the same root cause -- the body’s immune system is attacking its own healthy organs. Lurking within ourselves are a group of T...

Why CAR T Therapies are Such a Headache with Kevin Parker

Feb 18 • 38:17

Engineered T cells that hunt and kill blood cancers have recently obtained three landmark FDA approvals, forever changing the way we treat this disease. Even with its massive clinical success, these cells come with life-threatening neurotoxicities. But is neurotoxicity a set feature of using T cell therapies or is our engineering accidentally targeting the brain? Utilizing...

Brewing a Life-Saving Drug in Yeast with Prashanth Srinivasan

Feb 11 • 53:26

Small molecules are a pillar of human health, making up a majority of the drugs we have in our healthcare arsenal. Many of these drugs are obtained by utilizing synthetic chemistry to modify the composition of some small molecule found in nature. Derivatives of tropane alkaloids, for example, alleviate neuromuscular disorders and are derived from a chemical found in nights...

A New Era of Antibiotic Discovery with James Martin

Feb 4 • 36:45

Bacteria are rapidly evolving ways to resist antibiotics, causing minor infections to become life-threatening events. Compounding the problem, new antibiotics have been incredibly challenging to develop and pharma is economically disincentivized to invest in finding them. James Martin and his colleagues Joseph Sheehan and Benjamin Bratton took on this challenge, developing...

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