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Tally Rye is a Personal Trainer and Author of the book 'Train Happy' which helps readers to have a positive and fun relationship with exercise whilst becoming more intuitive with movement. This podcast explores the themes within Train Happy with leading experts in their respective fields. EachRead more

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76: The Anti-Jillian Michaels with Malarie Burgess

Nov 15 • 01:11:51
This week we are discussing Jillian Michaels and the fitness and diet culture trends of the 2000s and 2010s with the brilliant Malarie Burgess who you may know as @thejockscientist.⁣
Find more from Malarie here: ⁣
Tik Tok & Instagram: @thejockscientist ⁣
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75: The Challenges of Recovery as a Black Woman with Tiffany Ima

Nov 10 • 01:07:17
This week I am joined by Tiffany Ima, a blogger specialising in fitness and body image! Tiffany shared her own journey of recovery and discussed why being a black woman means that journey is more complicated and difficult. ⁣
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@tiffanyima ⁣
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74: Reconnecting with your body with Emily Decker

Nov 1 • 01:13:28
This week I am joined by Emily Decker, a trauma informed Personal Trainer based in LA to discuss why diet culture disconnects us from our bodies and how we can use movement to reconnect us. ⁣
We also talk about body image in Hollywood and the pressures that reach far beyond that industry.⁣
Find out more about Emily here: ⁣

73: Intuitive Eating with Elyse Resch

Oct 25 • 01:19:10
This week we are discussing all things Intuitive Eating with co-created of the Intuitive Eating framework; Elyse Resch! ⁣
Elyse shares her insights on how to get started on your intuitive eating journey, the role of restriction and giving yourself unconditional permission to eat. ⁣
More from Elyse: ⁣

72: Binge Eating Disorder with Kirsten Ackerman RD

Oct 18 • 01:08:23
cw: We will be discussing Binge Eating Disorder. ⁣
If this episode resonates with you please get the help & support you deserve. ⁣
This week I am joined by Kirsten Ackerman, an Intuitive Eating Dietitian who helps people heal their relationship with food. ⁣

71: Fighting Fatphobia with Ragen Chastain

Oct 11 • 01:07:31
This week I am joined by Ragen Chastain, a multi talented Fat Activist, to discuss Fatphobia and it’s impacts in fitness and beyond, as well as, how to push back against fat phobic comments in different scenarios. ⁣
Find out more about Ragen’s work: ⁣
@ragenchastain ⁣

70: The Psychology of IBS with Dr Sula Windgassen

Oct 4 • 01:01:04
This week I am joined by Health Psychologist Dr Sula Windgassen to discuss how to think more holistically about IBS and how Therapy can play an important role in treatment. ⁣
We also talk about how Dr Sula became a Health Psychologist and how she works with people with IBS and Chronic Health Conditions. ⁣
If you want to know more about Dr Sula Windgassen’s work, check her o...

69: A Trauma Informed Approach to Exercise with Fiona Roberts

Sep 27 • 59:11
This week I am joined by Fitness Trainer and Founder of The Movement Charity, Fiona Roberts. We get into what a trauma informed approach to exercise entails and how it’s beneficial for everyone. ⁣
We also learn more about the barriers to exercise and how it’s important to consider those as we create a more inclusive and compassionate fitness industry. ⁣
Find out more about ...

68: Discovering the anti-diet approach with Emma Green PhD

Sep 20 • 01:22:27
This week I am joined by Fitness Trainer and Writer Emma Green to discuss how she discovered the anti-diet approach, letting go of control and dealing with criticisms of Intuitive Eating and the anti-diet approach. ⁣
I loved this conversation and I hope you do too. ⁣
⚠️ discussion of eating disorders ⁣
Follow Emma: ⁣
@emmafitnessphd ⁣
Fitness Professionals Against Weight Stig...

67: Doing the inner work with Victoria Spence

Sep 6 • 01:12:23
We are back! This week I am joined by Life Coach and good friend Victoria Spence.⁣
*Trigger warning: discussion of eating disorders*⁣
Vicky shares her journey of recovery and how her healing has been an inside job. She shares her thoughts on self love and where to even begin on the path to inner healing. ⁣
Find out more from Vicky: ⁣
Follow: @vict...

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