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How do artists create, promote themselves and in the meantime still manage their own well-being?

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Craig Hutchinson: YouTube Cartoon Animator

Dec 5 • 50:52

Craig Hutchinson is a YouTube cartoon animator living in Jamaica. Craig contacted me after seeing one of my animated cartoons I posted online. I had checked out his YouTube and he has been posting his own cartoons for the past year. One thing I found really interesting about them was that he was doing Storytime animation, animated stories about his life. Not only that but ...

Philip Salamone: Painter, Fine Arts and Teacher

Nov 28 • 59:00

Philip Salamone is a painter living here in Madison WI. He was actually one of the first people I met on the podcast back when I started it in 2017. I was given the chance to do this podcast live on a local radio station here in town WORT FM and I asked Philip if he would want to come on the show with me. I thought it would be a great chance for us to catch up and talk abo...

Amy Regutti: Painter, Surrealist Paintings and Portraits

Nov 21 • 57:59

Amy Regutti is a painter living here in Madison WI. Amy had gone to school for art and gave it to become an acupuncturist....

CJ Standal: Writer, Rebirth of the Gangster Comics

Nov 14 • 01:01:20

CJ Standal is an indie comic book writer living here in Madison WI. We met while he was at the Mighty Con here in Madison. CJ writes and publishes the comics Rebirth of the Gangster, B.A.E Wulf, and has also published a series of essays about graphic novel writing called Outside the Panels from a course he taught to his high school students....

Neil Moherman: Comic book writer Cog & Flame

Nov 7 • 59:51

Neil Moherman is an indie comic book writer living in Dayton, Ohio. We met while he was at the Mighty Con when it came through here in Madison. Neil contacted me to tell me about his Kickstarter campaign for his next issue of his comic Cog & Flame Issue #4....

Zipporah Michel: Illustration, Painting and Fine Arts

Sep 26 • 47:15

Zipporah Michel is an artist living in Florida. Zipporah has been painting and illustrating artwork highlighting underrated ancient figures, religious icons, and even current events in hues, and profiles as vibrant as known figures would be illustrated—lined with metallic and bold hues. We talk about gallery shows she has been doing, projects, and books she's worked on. Al...

Emma Groom: Comics and cloning plants

Sep 19 • 51:41

Emma Groom is a comic book artist and writer living in Florida. Emma is working on a comic book called Recursions End doing the writing and the artwork. Emma decided to try and see what it would be like to pitch it to actual comics and book publishers and is in the process of doing that. During the conversation, Emma tells me that the whole thing started out as a text RPG ...

Chris Conidis: Comics, fantasy, Horror and Sci Fi Art

Sep 12 • 48:39

Chris Conidis is an artist that lives in Florida. Chris started out with an interest in animation and how it worked and that evolved into figure drawing and the art of high contrast from fantasy art and old school horror movies. Chris has been hitting the comic circuit and also created a collection of art and stories for a book of his work called Monsters & Madonnas....

Christine Merriman: Sculpture, Raku and Tile Artist

Sep 5 • 47:03

Christine Merriman is an artist that lives in Vermont who is originally from here in Wisconsin. Christine has run an artist studio called Marry Woman Studios, created large-scale sculptures and tile artwork using a method called Raku to fire them, and has pieces that are in houses all over the US. And Christine is now focusing on art and trauma therapy....

Dan Hardesty: Illustrator, 3D Art and Webcomics

Aug 29 • 59:59

Dan Hardesty is an artist in Pennsylvania who does illustration and also makes computer 3D artwork that actually gets created and 3D printed for live stage sets for performances at the Sight & Sound Theatres a production the performs live stories from the bible. We talk about how Dan went from drawing to illustration to eventually creating these large set pieces. Dan is al...

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