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Every weekday, Tod Maffin brings you a fast-paced 8-minute rundown of what you missed in the world of digital marketing and social media. Thousands of senior marketers listen each day. Check out our ad-free podcast or our daily newsletter at

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The "Partner Permissions" Change Facebook Isn't Talking About

Dec 4 • 14:48

38 likes. That's the new target — but on which platform? I'll tell you. Also: The magic eight-ball doesn't have a good feeling about support queue times for Google Ads. How to fix a nasty Facebook permissions bug that's preventing some agencies and freelancers from working. And your invitation to our new weekly Zoom hangouts....

Why Your Product Reviews Ranking Might Change

Dec 3 • 08:07

Meta loosens up a controversial ad policy, Google's new algorithm might affect your product reviews, why discounting during this holiday season may be a sign of poor brand health, a peek into trending creative on Facebook, AND MORE....

Get Those Release Forms Warmed Up...

Dec 2 • 10:24

YouTube lets marketers peer into some previously secret data... new Twitter rules may keep your company's lawyers busy... are B2B marketers next in line for the creator economy?... Google's ad platform gains some rich competitor insights......

Will the Metaverse Give Us All a Fresh Start?

Dec 1 • 10:17

More data is good data, says Facebook. Will the metaverse give us a clean start in consent? The state of vaccinations at agencies. TikTok adds a nice brand-tagging feature. And today's the day we spill the beans on the big change happening to this very podcast tomorrow....

Who Killed Black Friday?

Nov 29 • 09:07

The tragic data behind Black Friday. Even Twitter's founder is leaving Twitter! Where art thou mobile-first indexing? Are consumers ready to shop in person? And TikTok takes the next steps in its growing eCommerce venture!...

Weekend Edition: Get Your Digital Certifications Through Jelly Academy

Nov 27 • 11:14

Jelly Academy is an educational program that presents a solid understanding of the most successful elements to a digital marketing strategy, including, the ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘Who’, ‘When’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of a winning campaign and the departments within them....

Black Friday Special: Social Commerce from the Trenches

Nov 26 • 37:00

A special episode today — I'm speaking with Lauren Petrullo, owner of the Mongoose Media agency. We're diving deep into the growing trends of social commerce and livestreaming....

Why Does Google Want You To Get Bad Reviews?

Nov 25 • 07:33

Are good reviews hurting your Google ranking? Check your accounts Google might have refunded you some money! Even non social media platforms are trying to be like TikTok! And why is Walmart selling cocaine propaganda from a child’s toy?...

Will January 25th be the End of WordPress Themes?

Nov 24 • 11:09

Is it the beginning of the end for WordPress themes? The hack that exposed thousands of brand web sites is growing. How is the broken supply chain affecting delivery times? Some welcome news for people who run ads on Google or post YouTube videos. And forget TikTok — the cool kids are on OnlyFans!...

Why is Lush Washing Away Its Social Media Sins?

Nov 23 • 09:33

The big brand giving up social media — but this time, for good? Also Snapchat's drive to make marketing augmented continues... B2B marketers now get better tools on LinkedIn... The latest platform to copy TikTok... and Instagram finally makes the change content managers have all wanted....

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