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Toasted Sister is radio about Native American food because it came a long way. Traditional indigenous foodways were lost, found, redefined and modernized in the last few hundred years. And here it is today, in the hands of Native chefs and foodies who work to keep their traditional flavors andRead more

Popular episodes

E75: Jacob Torres — Space Chile Guy

Dec 13 • 48:14
In this episode, I talk with Jacob Torres, a very proud New Mexican who, I think, has a very interesting life. He’s a technical and horticultural scientist at NASA and based at the NASA Kennedy Space Center and he's working on getting New Mexico green chiles on the next Mission to Mars. We talk about his work in agriculture and how hard work and taking advantage of opportu...

E74: Loretta Barrett Oden — “Spoonful by spoonful”

Dec 11 • 44:30

E73: Food Poetry

Apr 1 • 15:49

E72: The Death and Food Episode

Jan 19 • 46:18
This is the death and food episode where I talk with Indigenous death doula, Chrystal Waban, about her work with Blackbird Medicines and the Indigenous Death Doula Collective and how food is connected to this very important journey for those who are dying, for those who are dead and for those they leave behind. Also in this episode are stories about death and food by: Dale...

E71: Indigenous Farmworkers – “Do your work no matter what other people say”

Dec 23 • 35:21
Do you know who picked the cabbage and celery you find at the grocery store? It might’ve been an Indigenous immigrant farmworker. In this episode, I visit with a couple of Indigenous immigrant farmworkers at Rio Grande Farm Park in Alamosa, Colorado to learn about their journey here and why they left Guatemala. I also speak with Dr. Giovanni Batz, social anthropologist foc...

E70: The Thanksgiving Episode

Nov 23 • 42:06
Thanksgiving is a lie.
In this episode I talk with three Wampanoag women about Thanksgiving and how colonization effected their foodways. We’ll also talk about the awesome work they’re doing in their East coast communities to educate and revitalize Wampanoag food. Guests are chef Sherry Pocknett from Sly Fox Den Restaurant, Danielle Hill, educator and cultural consultant w...

E69: Bow & Arrow Brewing Co.: The Book of Names

Oct 10 • 52:19
There’s nothing like a good beer—for me that’s a cold, citrusy and bitter IPA—and for those who appreciate the brews from their local breweries, beer is more than alcohol. Craft beer is a whole vibe and culture. In this episode, I talk with the founders of Bow & Arrow Brewing Co., Shyla Sheppard (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara) and Missy Begay (Navajo), about starting from scrat...

E68: The BLACK Episode

Sep 25 • 30:00
My favorite color is black. That also means I have a fascination with black-colored foods. Indigenous foods come in all kinds of colors including black. In this episode, chefs Tawnya Brant (Kanyen'kehá:ka), David Smoke-McCluskey (Mohawk) and Andrea Murdoch (Andean Native) and farmer, Cherilyn Yazzie (Diné) talk about the black foods in their kitchens and farms.

E67: Indigenous American + African American food

Jul 30 • 23:30
This podcast episode is a 20-minute preview of “Indigenous Roots: Exploring the Crossroads of African American and Indigenous American Cuisine,” an online two-part event hosted by the Museum of Food and Drink on Aug. 5 and 6. Guest chefs, Yusuf Bin-Rella of Trade Roots Culinary Collective, Elena Terry (Ho-Chunk), executive chef and founder of Wild Bearies, and chef Dave Sm...

E66: Paul Natrall — Mr. Bannock, “Indigenous cuisine to the max”

Jul 5 • 30:00
When I visited Paul Natrall (Suquamish) in his Mr. Bannock food truck in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, I wasn’t expecting to get a taste of some of the most delicious pizza I ever had. I did and that was also my first taste of bannock, an Indigenous flour-based bread (kind of like frybread). In this episode, I talk with chef Paul about bannock, how he got hooked on ...

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