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To See Each Other

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Where we explore how people are reshaping small town America and how writing it off as Trump country hurts us all.Hosted by George Goehl, To See Each Other complicates the narrative about rural Americans in our most misunderstood, and often abandoned, communities. George travels to Michigan, Iowa,Read more

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Bonus: "Bewildered By People's Openness"

Nov 1 • 06:02

Today we're here with a special bonus story from Michigan. ...

6 - Seeing Each Other - Indiana

Sep 15 • 46:03

In our final episode, George goes home to Indiana. It's a place where the most pressing issues of our time come together, and maybe our solutions too. We'll meet a doctor, a mother, and a recovering addict doing their best to mobilize their community, eradicate their shame, speak, and work with compassion to help their neighbors and win change against the odds....

5 - FIghting White Nationalism - North Carolina

Sep 15 • 26:38

In North Carolina, we see friendships being forged in the face of centuries of racism; anti-racist organizing happening at the corner of Plantation and Corporation avenues; and meet a historical political candidate, a Black woman quite literally from the wrong side of the tracks, campaigning to co-govern with her community....

4 - Refusing to be Washed Away - New Jersey

Sep 15 • 31:26

Climate change is a relentless disaster. It is wreaking havoc on entire regions, countries, and continents, which will need to be rebuilt and reorganized. While we do all we can to prevent that decimation from happening, we also have to learn from the rebuilding and recovery that we do do. In New Jersey, we get the chance to learn from Hurricane Sandy survivors who refuse ...

3 - Raising Hell for Clean Water - Iowa

Sep 15 • 30:09

The fight for clean water is a form of inequality. The people who are poisoning the well and those who have to drink from it. The people who have access to water and those who don't. The people who can afford to be healthy and those who can't. George takes us to Iowa, to the frontlines of an intergenerational, intersectional fight for the right to clean water and a return ...

2 - Learning How to Listen - Michigan

Sep 15 • 28:17

Today we're traveling to Michigan, where we hear how our politics are separating us from our neighbors, from our families, and from our friends — and how listening can bring us back together again....

1 - Complicating the Narrative - Introduction

Sep 15 • 07:26

This is To See Each Other. Throughout this season, we’ll meet everyday people who are reshaping small-town America. In this first episode, our host, George Goehl, Director of People’s Action, shares more about growing up in Medora, Indiana, and the economic devastation that’s left his hometown and so many others feeling left behind. By resisting the urge to write these com...

Coming Soon: To See Each Other

Aug 25 • 01:11

To See Each Other is a documentary series that complicates the narrative about rural Americans in our most misunderstood, and often abandoned, communities. Host George Goehl - a leading grassroots organizer - travels to Michigan, Iowa, New Jersey, North Carolina and Indiana to reveal how small town folks are working together in fights for everything from clean water and ra...

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