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Thug Notes: Get Lit

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Literary OG Sparky Sweets, PhD counts down the greatest works in the lit game with a fresh perspective – blending top-shelf literature with street certified insights. From the greatest playas to the worst baby mamas, this series features classic literature with an original gangster spin.

Popular episodes

Check Out My NEW PODCAST – Introducing BLACKSTAGE!

Jul 13 • 01:37

Subscribe to my NEW PODCAST! I've launched a new show with my comedian friend, Bradlys Philoctete. Below is a description and links to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!...

Unexpected Gangstas in Lit

Nov 7 • 08:26

Sparky Sweets PhD does a double take with these unexpected gangstas in literature. Find out which characters up their game to become shot callers and big ballers with Thug Notes: Get Lit....

Greatest Ballas in Lit

Oct 31 • 09:13

Sparky Sweets PhD breaks down the greatest ballas in literature. These bruthas have the hustle and swag to turn heads and get sh*t done....

Worst Baby Mammas and Daddies in Lit

Oct 24 • 08:57

Sparky Sweets PhD is leavin the crib as he counts down the worst baby mammas and daddies in literature. Find out which parents are not worth taking to court with Thug Notes: Get Lit....

Greatest Bromances in Lit

Oct 17 • 09:23

Sparky Sweets PhD feels the love as he counts down the greatest bromances in literature. Discover the feats, feuds, and frays these homies endure in the name of brotherly love....

Ice Cold Revenge Stories in Lit

Oct 10 • 11:48

Sparky Sweets PhD has your back as he counts down the coldest revenge stories out there. Learn which tales settle the score with Thug Notes: Get Lit....

Crazy Ass Authors

Oct 3 • 09:52

Sparky Sweets PhD takes you over the edge as he breaks down the craziest authors of all time. Find out which writers cracked up, wigged out and went all insane in the memebrane with Thug Notes: Get Lit....

Mic Dropping Moments in Shakespeare

Sep 26 • 10:06

Sparky Sweets PhD is all about talkin smack as he counts down the most mic-dropping moments in Shakespeare. Find out how The Bard dropped one of the earliest "Yo mama" jokes with Thug Notes: Get Lit....

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems in Lit

Sep 19 • 11:33

Sparky Sweets PhD tells you how hard it is to stay on top as he counts down characters who learn dat with mo money comes mo problems. Find out which characters are one check away from being lyin' in chalk with Thug Notes: Get Lit....

Banned Books

Sep 12 • 12:24

Sparky Sweets PhD takes you for a ride on the wild side as he counts down the top banned books of all time. Learn which ones were just keeping it real and which ones were too real to keep on Thug Notes: Get Lit. Thug Notes: GET LIT features literary OG Sparky Sweets PhD, your street-smart guide through the best stuff ever written. In each episode, he counts down the great...

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