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Thots After 30

Comedy • Health-and-fitness • Society-and-culture

A podcast where we drink and talk about navigating life, love and the pursuit of thotiness after 30.Email us at or follow us on Twitter @30After for the latest in show updates and news!

Popular episodes

Teenage Thotbags

Sep 8 • 55:26

We're definitely on a List Now

Sep 8 • 44:44

Thotty, Flirty and a Little Murdy

Sep 8 • 01:23:36

Covid Vault

Another lost relic from 2020.

Turning 30 is scary and hard sometimes. Turning 30 and realizing your mortality, disliking that mortality and your current position in life is even harder. Are people born destined to snap, or do they have snapping thrust upon them? Join us for disappearances and gruesome murders as the Thots take a page out of our favorite  true cri...

Don't Sue Us, We're Role Models

Sep 7 • 01:01:12

Mum is the Word

Jul 23 • 53:04

Join us on a decades long journey through dating trends and small personal anecdotes of our troubled worlds. We ramble a lot, but you already knew that didn't you? You must be a glutton for punishment.

From first date, man I didn't kiss him when I should have to wearing vials of each other's blood, dating has been interesting no matter what time period you grew up in. So wh...

Mind, Body, Thots

Jul 9 • 40:53

Jesus Christ, they're at it again! - Everyone July 2020

That's right, we're back in the proverbial saddle and boy do we have some food for thots... or something like that. It's Halftime baby, the whole reason you go to sports-ing events right? (also for the drinks and snacks!) Join us as we talk about your changing bodies. We watch a very graphic video about puberty and the...

Can't Relate

Feb 7 • 40:39

Trigger Warning! Listener discretion is advised, we talk about suicide and mental health in this episode!

Heavy stuff aside, we're back again with another short episode because we are busy adults with very important things to do and drinks to drink.

On this episode, Jenny can't relate to anything Andrew does or says in his life and Andrew forgets how to use words appropriate...

Bread C***ing

Feb 7 • 56:27

Book Club will never happen, stop trying to make Book Club happen; in other news one of us is still struggling through The Haunting of Hill House, more like the Snoozing of Snore Shack amirite?

Let's talk about the things that (mostly) men do to others in the dating world. It's still hard to date after 30, it's still a nightmare to interact with people on dating apps and at...

New Year, Same Thots

Feb 7 • 45:02

Weird Gay Magic

Jan 7 • 47:25

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