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This Week in Neuroscience


This Week in Neuroscience is a podcast about the nervous system.

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TWiN 24: Social transmission of maternal behavior with Ioana Carcea and Robert Froemke

Nov 24 • 01:12:47

Ioana and Robert join TWiN to discuss their work demonstrating that rodents acquire maternal behavior by social transmission from an experienced mother to a virgin female how to care for a litter via endogenous oxytocin....

TWiN 23: Peripheral nervous system with Bruce Carter

Oct 31 • 01:11:20

Bruce Carter joins TWiN to discuss the peripheral nervous system: the development of nerves that convey sensory information like touch from the tips of your toes to the brain, and Schwann cells, which are necessary for ensuring that those sensory signals are sustained as they travel long distances to the brain....

TWiN 22: It's never lupus

Sep 29 • 01:08:17

TWiN explains how anti-DNA antibodies present in lupus patients bind to GluN2A-containing NMDA receptors, act as positive allosteric modulators, and impair spatial memory....

TWiN 21: How do we know if a mouse is hallucinating?

Aug 24 • 01:28:02

TWiN explores a study of hallucination-like perception in mice which supports the idea that hallucinations arise as faulty perceptual inferences due to elevated dopamine in the striatum....

TWiN 20: Drifting aromas in the brain

Jul 14 • 01:18:08

While perceptual constancy requires the brain to maintain a stable representation of sensory input, TWiN explores a study showing that odor-evoked responses in the olfactory cortex drift over periods of days to weeks....

TWiN 19: Glia 101

Jun 21 • 01:12:54

On this episode, Vivianne gives a primer on glial cells, with the goal of thinking about the central nervous system holistically and appreciating the different cell types that contribute to its function....

TWiN 18: Autism and the gut microbiome with Mauro Costa-Mattioli

May 12 • 01:10:52

Mauro Costa-Mattioli joins TWiN to discuss how his laboratory dissects the contribution of host genetics and the microbiome in complex neurodevelopment disorders such as autism spectrum disorders....

TWiN 17: Worms see the light with Michael Nitabach

Apr 21 • 01:21:59

Michael Nitabach joins TWiN to discuss the finding that the nematode C. elegans, which do not have eyes, can discriminate between colors to guide foraging decisions and move them away from harmful bacteria that produce a blue-pigment toxin....

TWiN 16: Neuronal depolarization with Stefano Brigidi

Mar 17 • 01:07:57

Stefano joins TWiN to discuss his work on understanding genomic decoding of neuronal depolarization by stimulus-specific transcriptional regulators....

TWiN 15: Microbiome and neurodevelopment with Helen Vuong

Feb 17 • 49:33

Helen joins TWiN to discuss her work on understanding how the maternal microbiome modulates fetal neurodevelopment in mice....

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