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Friends Beck (@anacrusisnt) and Giovanni (@MarioPrime) discuss this week in the cultural event of blaseball. CONTACT US:, or @weekinblaseball on twitter. SUPPORT US: Theme Song: "Get Normal" by the garages, off the albumRead more

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An Interview with Kit and Kuramon of the Bureau of Unity (@SpiesOrganize)

Nov 26 • 57:54

Giovanni (@MarioPrime) and Beck (@anacrusisnt) sit down with Kit and Kuramon, representatives of the Bureau of Unity (@SpiesOrganize), to talk about the blaseball community's efforts in unionization education, their experience sponsoring the final season of the Expansion Era, and whether Tillman Henderson is a scab. ...

Gamma 2, Season 2: We'll Suck Forever

Nov 15 • 58:10

Gamma 2, Season 1: Death, Taxes, and the Baltimore Crabs

Nov 8 • 01:19:46

Pre-Gamma: If It's On the Site, It's All Right

Oct 31 • 52:14

Blaseball sees its triumphant return in a new, experimental format. Gio (@MarioPrime) and Beck (@anacrusisnt) read aloud the press release from The Game Band, look over new details on the blaseball site, and celebrate new players like Shrimp Cobb and Crow Debt. ...

Season 22: The Breath Mints. (with Patrick the Splortscaster)

Sep 24 • 01:09:32

Season 21: I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Aug 30 • 01:05:26

Season 24: The End of Blasevangelion (with Jade Townsend)

Aug 15 • 02:01:52

BNN Correspondent an blaseball economy expert Jade Townsend (@notacredit, @BlaseballDay) sits down with Giovanni (@MarioPrime) and Beck (@anacrusisnt) to discuss the giant black hole that consumes all of blaseball. Giovanni leaves a beautiful and stirring eulogy for his best friend, Bright Zimmerman....

Season 23: The Mallorca Whales Will Win Season Twenty-Four

Aug 3 • 01:22:49

The Blaseball Anniversary Special (with Cat Stlats)

Jul 19 • 01:29:09

Season 20: Sun(Sun) (with Dante Shepherd)

Jul 5 • 01:35:58

Chemical engineering professor and STEM comics creator Dante Shepherd (@danteshepherd) joins Gio (@MarioPrime) and GB (@anacrusisnt) to discuss the Boston Flowers' rotten luck, convoluted win calculations, and the Core Mechanics' Ascension Watch. Giovanni names Metroid Dread his Season 20 MVP. ...

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