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Your audio guide to the most fascinating and fun revelations, reports, and studies on the internet. Quick, concise, and infectiously entertaining, This Week I Learned promises to make learning fun again.

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Ep. 79: This week I learned that crows make up after fights, and more

Dec 22 • 11:39

Ep. 78: The week I learned your ice is teeming with bacteria, and more

Dec 15 • 35:24

Ep. 77: This week I learned dogs really are smarter than cats, and more

Dec 8 • 15:04

Ep. 76: This week I learned that prehistoric women were ridiculously strong, and more

Dec 1 • 13:13

Ep. 75: This week I learned America really struggled to pin down a date for Thanksgiving, and more

Nov 24 • 16:54

This week I learned about the time America celebrate Thanksgiving twice in one year, where the wishbone tradition comes from, that gluten may not be to blame for your gluten sensitivity, and that country names aren’t at all original....

Ep. 74: This week I learned the dinosaurs could still be alive today if the asteroid had hit pretty much anywhere else, and more

Nov 17 • 11:40

Ep. 73: This week I learned that dogs can smell happiness, and more

Nov 10 • 12:17

Ep. 72: This week I learned plants can smell predators coming, and more

Nov 3 • 13:24

Ep. 71: This week I learned that salmon sex literally moves mountains, and more

Oct 27 • 11:26

Ep. 70: This week I learned worms can smell danger, and more

Oct 20 • 16:09

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