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Thinking backwards with Jawad


How YOU unleash your inner creative and entrepreneur-junkie so you get sh** done in your life career & business.

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How your online presence will be as important as your CV with Dimitris kolonas | Episode 09

Apr 12 • 38:34

Max Haining On The No Code Movement | Episode 08

Mar 29 • 45:16

Max started the community
He tells us about his journey on learning how to use no code tools and how he saw an opportunity to create a community that will support people who are on the same journey.

How we can learn to use no code tools to build our ideas

A few projects that were created using no code tools such as

we have a ...

Bitcoin and NFTs, A Million dollar Business Idea Supporting NFTs, Creator Economy And The Rise Of Its Tools | Episode 07

Mar 15 • 43:51

The Future Of Education (MasterClass vs University), Old School Businesses Making 200k And Investing In Startup-Studios with Ali Abouelatta | Episode 06

Mar 8 • 52:39

Jawad Shreim & Ali Abouelatta


Innovation in Education

Value in having a degree 

Wes from AltMba and Gagan from Udemy raising 4 million dollars for their Cohort based education startup without naming it. 

Investing in startup studios 

Stop aiming to build a billion dollar business and approach Traditional businesses like a startup.


Sharath on the magic of starting a side project | Episode 05

Feb 22 • 36:43

Jesse Abramowitz on How to chase your curiosity. | Episode 04

Feb 15 • 48:34

Wes Kao on the skills you need to become a master at shipping ideas | Episode 03

Feb 8 • 41:36

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Semih Aridogan on The future of work | Episode 02

Feb 2 • 39:37

Ivan kanev on How to Negotiate with Yourself (and win) in your career and life | Episode 01

Jan 25 • 40:16


Jan 4 • 04:06

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