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Welcome! By chance or fate.. you found us and we couldn’t be more grateful❤️ In this world there are many things that can’t be explained, from creatures which lurk in the night, to those which watch above from skies and those we roast you on social media, we have them all! Where all waifu’sRead more

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Are we alone?

Nov 20 • 27:08

This Episode is a week late!

Nov 17 • 44:04

Mr. Nimbus is a vibe( Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 1 review)

Jul 22 • 48:16

Rick plays host when he has to prepare an important dinner for his threesome enthusiast knockoff aquaman nemesis. Meanwhile, when Morty is sent to get the wine for the big man, things spiral out of control....

EDP 445 is back, better hide your kids 👮🏾❌❌❌

May 10 • 01:00:13
On today’s episode the boys talk about the EDP 445 controversy, ex’s and various scenarios based on such. So get listening , share it with the gang and enjoy ❤️

Socials of the boys!!…igshid=1k871hwgmt2wk…?igshid=3a5mwpy4xa05


EDP 445 chat log

EDP 445 exposed video

Chet golds...

2021, I think we’re back!

Feb 9 • 01:09:34

Preconcu Interview, BLM, GBV, Aliens and much much more!!!

Sep 2 • 55:41
On today’s show we got SA’s upcoming artist know as Preconcu!!! We dive into his music , origins , BLM, Aliens GBV and more!!! If you loving these episodes or somehow need to hit me up, here you go @TheVoyagerNash on Twitter. Give Preconcu’s new single a listen as well https://m.soundcloud…ies-143476053/no-ice finally y’all be safe during these crazy times ❤️❤️ leave a voi...

OnlyFans...But with Marvel Superheroes!

Jul 17 • 01:30:37
Imagine some of the most remarkable hero’s of Marvel decided they needed money, the hero work just doesn’t provide ends meat so they’ve decided it’s time to take over the most scandalous site...OnlyFans! Yes on today’s episode we discuss what it would be like if some of your favorite superheroes joined OnlyFans. If you enjoy this lovely episode don’t forget to leave a revi...

The More You Know: M.O.D.O.K is Best Boy!

Jul 1 • 16:09
On Today’s episode we talk about the new villain for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game set to release in September.

As always please leave a review , share this episode and stay cool 🥶

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Goon Discussions: Black Lives Matter, J Cole ve Noname, Tyrese idiot boy Gibson, men/women beef

Jun 20 • 01:33:40
On today’s Goon discussions nothing was held back!

We talk about black lives matter, J Cole’s response to noname and how we analyzed it.

We also touch on the Tyrese Gibson reverse racism tweet and I promise you my fellow South Africans I did us justice 🙏🏾✨

Will say goon discussions is our unfiltered conversations and opinions about topic which we feel should be spoken abou...

I love you...dude I’m 13!( anime tropes)

May 30 • 49:52
Anime tropes have been around since the beginning of the medium and are used as a tool to point out a series’ motif.

While tropes make it easier to quickly identify the underlying theme of an anime series, some have become quite repetitive and tiresome, showing up in an infinite number of shows.

Love them or hate them, Today we take a look into some of our very own favorit...

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