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Zen Stoicism is a hybrid philosophy that aims to master the two fundamental experiences of human nature: thinking and being. The philosophies of Zen Buddhism and Stoicism have helped improve people’s lives for centuries. Never before have they been integrated together like this to give you aRead more

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Zen Stoic Podcast Final Episode

May 28 • 06:36

This is the final episode of The Zen Stoic Podcast!...

S1 Ep. 67 (Season Finale) Interview with Founder of The Oculus Institute: Sean Sessel

Jul 17 • 56:43

In today's episode, Victor and Nicko interview the Founder of The Oculus Institute, Sean Sessel....

S1 Ep. 66 Interview with Owner of Jed's Barber Shop: Jed Beal

Jul 16 • 01:00:48

In today's episode, Victor interviews the Owner of Jed's Barber Shop, Jed Beal. ...

S1 Ep. 65 Interview with Comedian: Brendon Lemon

Jul 15 • 01:05:41

In today's episode, Victor interviews Brendon Lemon who is a Comedian, a lover of Stoicism and Zen, and author of a Stoic book called "The Stoic Salesperson."...

S1 Ep. 64 Look Within

Jul 1 • 04:07

Where and what do you look to when you feel lost or overwhelmed? ...

S1 Ep. 63 Doing Your Part

Jun 29 • 04:51

Do you feel that helping others only matters when it's done in a big way or do you feel every action, big or small, counts? ...

S1 Ep. 62 Interview with Guelaguetza Restaurant Partner: Bricia Lopez

Jun 27 • 01:00:40

Bricia Lopez is a partner at Guelaguetza Restaurant, LA’s temple for Oaxacan cuisine. She has become a staunch proponent of Oaxacan culture and an integral figure in the gastronomic culture of Los Angeles. In 2015, her restaurant was awarded the coveted American Classics award from the James Beard Award Foundation and the LA Times awarded her with the Latinos de Hoy Cultur...

S1 Ep. 61 Interview with Founder and CEO of InnerSpartan: René Rodriguez

Jun 26 • 01:07:31

In today's episode, Victor interviews René Rodriguez. ...

S1 Ep. 60 How to Listen to Your Own Voice

Jun 26 • 08:02

Have you tried to do something new and outside of your comfort zone but quickly got shut down by someone you care about?...

S1 Ep. 59 The Gift of Failure

Jun 24 • 05:56

What role does failure play in your life? Is it something you welcome or shy away from? ...

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