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This podcast is all about the wonderful world of Zed Run. Here I will be breaking down racing, breeding, and collecting Zed Run Digital Race Horses. Discussing tactics and strategies to maximize your enjoyment and profitability from the game as well as having a few laughs along the way. FromRead more

Popular episodes

ZedHeads NFT Community with Tim

Nov 21 • 57:46

In this episode, I sit down with the founder of ZedHead NFTs.  As you'll know by now they have been bringing you the show for the past few weeks and I've been a member of this community since day one.

It is evident that Tim wants to create something that brings a community together and provides a pleasant environment for us Zed Run folk and other gambling degenerates to gat...

Breeding for Colours

Nov 16 • 20:19

In this episode, I talk about how the breeding system for creating and selecting specific horse colours works, we touch on what level of control you have over the colours and also discuss how breeding purely for a colour may not be the most intelligent thing at this point in the game.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing it appears that 'Steppe Stables' website is undergoi...

The Red Village Announcement

Nov 15 • 08:30

Well... I'm certainly interested in this project and wanted to give my listeners a chance to join in on the action! This is not an official sponsored episode I just wanted to share my excitement with people.

Having multiple partnerships with well-established existing NFT communities is going to be a huge draw for this. The artwork looks incredible and if the game mechanics...

Breed Type Chart Overview

Nov 7 • 35:52

In this episode, we take a long hard look at the Breed Type Chart.

I discuss some of the subtleties that I think are within it and reveal why Genesis male horses may prove to be extremely important going forward.

Once again I would like to thanks the Zedheads_NFT community for sponsoring this episode and please feel free to go and check them out:-

You ca...

Zed.Run Breeding Guide Deep Dive

Oct 31 • 57:21

In this episode, we take a long walk through the Zed.Run ; website and take a look at the information they have provided to us regarding breeding. I hope you learn something and pick up some information that helps to inform your decision-making going forwards.

As always thanks so much to all those who listen, below you can find a link to the resources mentioned and this sho...

Questions to Ask Yourself About Zed

Oct 23 • 27:14

In this episode, I aim to provide food for thought by posing some questions which are intended to help you assess if the moves you are making on a day-to-day basis are congruent with your long-term goals.

This episode is brought to you by the @zedheads_nft community. Head over to the website and check out the roadmap to see if this is something you might be interest...

The Inaugural Zed Tournament

Oct 16 • 37:30

In this episode, I discuss the very first zed run tournament! So far it is running smoothly and long may that continue. The prolific availability of free races now has made this tournament accessible to all of us who own a horse! Listen in to find out some of the finer details from the Zed team and maybe pick up some tactics along the way!

Best of luck to all who go for it ...

Starting off in Zed Run with Sangudo Stables

Oct 8 • 01:08:19

In this episode I have a good chat with Bryce from Sangudo Stables, he has helped on board lots of players and is active in the beginners chat community of the zed run discord. He has built his stable up from modest beginnings to quite the buying and selling power house. We discuss some of the basic pitfalls to avoid when starting off in Zed and the essential need to have ...

Moving Funds Around

Oct 1 • 57:48

In this episode, we sit down for a great chat with Eric Wong who is a wonderful contributor to our community and is the author of the "Cracking the Zed Run Code" series.
We discuss the various terminology and give a high-level overview of the various ways in which we can move our funds in and out of Zed so that it isn't just a one-way street.

As always thanks so much for lis...

Learning From My Mistakes

Sep 24 • 38:41

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