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Welcome to TWB! Join me, comedian & entertainer Bobby Brown Jr., every Thursday and Monday on an audio-visual journey of how I see the world. You'll get to meet some of my friends, follow my comedy career, hear some good music and really get to laugh and enjoy listening to how my brain works. IfRead more

Popular episodes

#TWB40 | Imposter Syndrome

Nov 22 • 28:30

To celebrate making it out of the 30's we did a quick recap of appreciation for the big interviews on the podcast, Vincent Bryant, Ali Siddiq, Tony Roberts and Lance Woods. The whole gang went out to the late show Saturday night at the Comedy Zone to see Trevor Wallace featuring Joey Avery and they put on a very fun and engaging show! Judah has a random message about the g...

#TWB39 We're Gonna Need A Bigger Couch

Nov 15 • 55:25

Finally back in the home studio after 3 weeks of interviews! We opened up this episode on a phone call with Comedy Zone Marketing Manager Jenna, who was tasked with taking on the Karen who interrupted Affion Crockett Friday night on stage. The viral video shows Jenna politely explaining to this lady that she f*cked up big time! It made The Shade Room, TMZ and im honored to...

#TWB37 Comedian Tony Roberts at ComedyZone Jacksonville

Oct 28 • 30:10

Another fun interview here at the Comedy Zone! Detroit comedian Tony Roberts is in Jacksonville to take the stage. In this episode I got to ask Tony how it was performing comedy at iconic venues like Showtime at the Apollo, Def Comedy Jam, and BET Comic View. He's currently working on his 4th standup special and starting tonight (thursday) you can see five shows this weeke...

#TWB36 Comedian Ali Siddiq at ComedyZone Jacksonville

Oct 22 • 49:18

Last episode I told you it was coming! One of the funniest comedians of all time Ali Siddiq sat down with me for a conversation about standup comedy life, shares stories about his family, calls out Bobby AND todays thugs (thats separate) for not being able to swim. Ali also speaks about being a Grammy Nominated Comedian and gives more inside details of his classic This Is ...

#TWB35 Make Women Pay! ft Vik

Oct 18 • 57:03

Bobby and Viktoriya do a weekend recap: Bobby and the Jaguars finally caught some Wins this week, Vik recaps her moms birthday dinner followed by quick life story time, Bobby runs into his first kiss out in public grocery shopping, Vik absolutely roasts Bobby's new dating app idea, an app where its known that Women pay for the first date, then we talk struggling to get up ...

#TWB34 Urban Meyer Makes Fingering Cool Again!

Oct 7 • 48:29

We opened this episode with me and my highschool classmate and Judah Brown recapping his first time at The Comedy Zone Jacksonville. We caught the Rod Man show together and it was an absolutely hilarious night! Again I wanna thank our partners over at The Comedy Zone, Your next chance for 25% off on your tickets is October 20th, Dry Bar Comedy is coming to Jax! Use code 'T...

#TWB33 Hollywood Brown

Sep 27 • 49:12

This episode Bobby and Viktoriya open up to talk more about the official Comedy Zone partnership announcement. I've spent the last 3 weekends there seeing comics like Rod Man, Samuel J Comroe and Vincent Bryant performing and we spoke about how dope it is watching live professional comedy shows. Also How weird it feels being called an "influencer" in real life & I take the...

#TWB32 Who Are These Viggas?

Sep 24 • 01:06:28

Ayyee whats good pod gang! I made $34 Dollars podcasting this month thanks to you all!! So here's a new audio exclusive episode ft Viktoriya and my friend Asia chimes in occasionally! This was Viks first time back on the podcast since I left Tallahassee so we caught up a lot on what the next plays are here, how different her world of pop culture is from my own, and we got ...

#TWB31 Vincent Bryant

Sep 13 • 32:33

This was a first, we recorded this podcast episode in the lobby The Comedy Zone in Jacksonville Florida, just minutes before comedian Vincent Bryant closed out a hilarious night. Currently touring on the Young Black and Funny Comedy Jam with Leonard Ouzts, Chris Powell, T Murph & Just Nesh, i got to learn about how he started doing comedy in St. Louis, how he prepares for ...

#TWB30 Do That Again

Sep 2 • 37:13

After a week off I just wanted to have some fun this you can see from the timestamps we did it! Next Episode Monday 09/06...

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