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Listen, Learn & Prosper. Wise Money Show is where individuals looking to build wise financial habits turn for advice. We're all about teaching you how to make the right financial decisions in your life that align with your financial plan. If you are looking to be better prepared for retirement, payRead more

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Best Investment Solutions For The Short Term

Nov 27 • 42:35

What is the best investment approach when you have money you can invest but will need it in the next couple of years? With the market near all-time highs, is it a good idea to invest this money in stocks, or is there a better solution? The current investment world has created a big decision between safety of principle and the ability to earn a return. We're sharing our per...

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Financial Planner

Nov 20 • 42:16

Choosing the right financial planner can be the difference between you achieving your definition of financial peace or not. What are the most common mistakes that are made when choosing this important professional relationship? We are sharing those and our advice on how to find the right fit in this episode of The Wise Money Show....

Which Financial Rules of Thumb to Break

Nov 13 • 42:20

Rules of thumb can be helpful guides, but also bad advice. Which financial rules of thumb are worth following and which ones should you break? We're covering the most popular "rules of thumb" and helping you know whether you should put it in practice or ignore it altogether in this episode of Wise Money!...

How to Adapt Your Financial Plan For Inflation

Nov 6 • 42:33

Should the recent surge in inflation impact your financial plan? Inflation has picked up in a measured way as the economy has emerged from the Covid recession. How can you insolate your finances if inflation continues trending higher? We're covering that and more on this episode of The Wise Money Show!...

The Biggest Financial Fears and How to Face Them

Oct 30 • 42:59

What keeps you up at night financially? What do you worry about or what are you afraid of? The opposite of financial worry is financial peace, so let’s clean out the closet, and confront and solve those financial fears. That and more coming up this hour of the Wise Money Show....

Should You Diversify With International Stocks?

Oct 23 • 42:36

US stocks have outperformed international stocks handily over the past 12 years. Is it wise to continue to diversify your investments with international markets, or is that an outdated approach to investing? We'll discuss that and more in this episode of Wise Money....

Top Tax Moves to Make Near Retirement

Oct 16 • 42:41

Lots of tax law changes have been proposed, and while that uncertainty looms, making wise tax decisions now is even more important. However, there is no time in life where critical tax planning is more vital than when nearing retirement. What are the top tax moves to make as you near retirement? Our answers and more in this episode of The Wise Money Show....

Misunderstood Tax Laws With Selling a House

Oct 9 • 42:21

An often misunderstood tax rule is also one that is extremely important and relevant to the average person: the tax exemption for selling your house. Is the entire sale price taxable? What if you sell a house you inherited? What does a primary or principal residence actually mean? CPA Ryan Fair joins us back on the Wise Money Show to discuss these often misunderstood rules....

Can I Claim My Child on My Taxes if They Made More Money Than I did?

Oct 2 • 42:30

Taxes can become confusing when your dependent children get jobs and begin earning income. Do they need to file a tax return? Can I still claim them as a dependent? CPA Ryan Fair join us on this episode of Wise Money to sort out these confusing tax rules and more....

3 Financial Tips if You Have Kids in College

Sep 25 • 42:15

Having kids in college creates unique complexities in your finances, whether it be the best way to pay for college, managing tax credits, to understanding the new risks. We are covering our top 3 financial tips you must know if you have kids in college in this episode of the Wise Money Show....

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