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A show about the natural world and how to protect it. A nonprofit inspiring hope of a green and just future through open access to the natural world.

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Giraffes Need Friends, Too

Nov 16 • 06:42

What do Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Gilmore Girls, and Giraffes have in common? The women are the stars of the show. ...

Protecting Wolves with Dr John A. Vucetich

Nov 5 • 44:26

An effort to end protections for gray wolves that began with the Florida Man administration has come to fruition under the Biden administration. The species, native to much of the US and Canada, was only recently dropped from the endangered species list. In response, a team of scientists is calling on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to instead continue safeguarding the ...

2019 Revisit| A Tell Tale Beetle Romance Halloween Special

Oct 31 • 19:14

Happy Halloween! In this super special, unexpected, and therefore super last minute holiday treat (and trick), Devon reads a retelling of Edgar Allen Poe's famous short story, A Tell Tale Heart, that you undoubtedly were coerced into reading in high school. In our somewhat modernized version, we get a different, more wildlife oriented ending that turns out to be the most o...

A Departure from the Norm

Oct 27 • 09:42

Electric Fish with Kassandra Ford

Sep 3 • 45:12

In this episode, we sit down with the one and only Dr Kassandra Ford, aka @kassthefish, to dive into the shocking world of electric fishes. We cover the origins of electric fish, how a living creature generates electricity, the shocking (or not so shocking) truth about touching electric fish, the legendary electric eels, communication and interference, and stunning secrets!...

Behind the SCiENcES with Dr Kassandra Ford

Aug 31 • 26:54

Now DR Kassandra Ford, aka @kassthefish on social media, is front and center on this weeks Behind the SCiENcES! Kassandra did her undergraduate research focused on neurobiology and development in zebrafishes under Dr. Mary Halloran. She then worked for a year at TAMU-Corpus Christi under Dr. Frank Pezold. He showed her lab management skills, curatorial skills, and the nuts...

Inside the Brilliant Minds of Elephants

Aug 29 • 10:33

African Elephants with Lynn Von Hagen

Aug 27 • 49:47

In this episode, we talk about everything elephants with expert, Lynn Von Hagen! Intelligence, communication, trophy hunting, general biology, staggering stats, sonic superpowers, and so much more!...

Behind the SCiENcES with Lynn Von Hagen

Aug 23 • 17:55

Get to know Lynn before our full episode on elephants later this week...

When an Elephant Dies

Aug 18 • 20:36

A year or so ago, we did an episode with Dr Diva Amon about the deep sea. One of the topics we covered were Whale Falls--what happens when a whale dies and the ecosystem that follows....

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