The "What is Money?" Show

Robert Breedlove

business, technology, education
"What is Money?" is the rabbit that leads us down the proverbial rabbit hole. It is the most important question for finding truth in the world. In this podcast, we will pursue this "rabbit" by engaging in a diversity of deep conversations with deep thinkers from different walks of life.
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Best Episodes

The Saylor Series | Episode 6 | Digital Gold: Harder, Smarter, Stronger, and Faster

Dec 28, 2020

"Saylor on anti fragility of bitcoin "



Michael Saylor joins me to discuss anthropology, energy, and technology from first principles as we build the intellectual foundation necessary to truly grasp the historic significance of Bitcoin.00:00:00 - Episode Trailer00:01:06 - Swan Bitcoin00:06:23 - Bitcoin as Digital Gold – Harder, Smarter,Read more

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