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An independent little podcast where we discuss bizarre, strange and supernatural stories, old and new. Cryptozoology, OOPARTS, UFOs and more. WE SAY BAD WORDS

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Nov 25 • 45:36


The What Cast #381 - The Sturgis Vampire and The Beast Of LBL with a UFO Update

Nov 19 • 52:48

That's right! on with the weird stuff....

The What Cast #380 - Inhumanoids: The Scarecrow Headed Monster

Nov 10 • 45:30

We love the weird stuff. You love the weird stuff. We know ya do. That's why we re excited to talk about one of the strangest monster sightings ever. ...


Oct 31 • 14:41

The What Cast #379 - The Hypnotic Alien Abduction Booby Trap

Oct 21 • 01:01:08

We’ve covered our fair share of abduction experiences over the years.  Everything from hideous reptoids, to gray aliens with the body of a human woman has been reported as being responsible for these late night visitations.  We have also covered the theory that there may be a human presence behind the abduction mysteries. ...

The What Cast #378 - Known Fakes: The Fiji Mermaid and The Jackalope

Oct 14 • 58:16

Most of us have likely been to a local fair or carnival and viewed the “freaks” and oddities on display.  Most of these are very obvious fakes, but occasionally you come across one that really makes your mind wander and thing “What if this was real?”...

The What Cast #377 - Bears Who Take Children

Sep 30 • 45:40

You ever sit there, watching your favorite Disney movie and wonder why the Hell there weren’t more talking/singing animals in the real world?...

The What Cast #376 - The Banshee

Sep 23 • 46:08

From legends, to modern ghost stories and movies, the banshee has become a household name.  Is she a harbinger of death or the actual cause? Maybe she is just super empathetic and mourns all death? ...

The What Cast #375 - When Demons Attack.....down there!

Sep 16 • 01:00:11

We’ve talked about many different kinds of creeps and spooks that haunt the unsuspecting sleeper.  There have been many episodes featuring the Old Hag, Shadow People, and the dreaded Hat Man.  This week, we take a look at the absolute worst nighttime visitor, the Incubus/Succubus.  Could these sex demons be the actual beings behind sleep paralysis?  Are they responsible fo...

The What Cast #374 - Mega Turtles PLUS FREE PATREON EPISODE The Quick And The Werid

Sep 8 • 01:12:40

We have talked about our fair share of cryptids over the years, on this show.  Some of the best stories seem to be about strange animals, whether they are mutants or giants or chimeras.  This week, we decided to take a look at some legendary giant turtles.  Some are reports from sailor, while others have left a permanent mark the folklore of an area....

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