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The Wayward Women Podcast

Two friends who've both experienced decades of trauma and abuse. We're dedicated to helping other women become free of toxic abuse, as well as recognize abuse. We aim to offer healing, hope, inspirational survivor stories, education and more.

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Season 2 Episode 12: Finally Free

Dec 7 • 23:02

Meet Casey. Lara + Casey have been dear friends since 2012 when they were both young, bright eyed, hopeful, brand new yoga teachers. Their friendship has seen them through near a decade of life lived in it's full spectrum. When both found themselves in abusive relationships, and both forged their paths to get out, they had a conversation one night about how one day, they'd...

Season 2 Episode 11: Am I the Abuser?

Nov 21 • 32:29

Think about it. It's the perfect way to for an abusive person to not take any responsibility. They gaslight manipulate and abuse you, and then when you react, they say YOU are in fact, the abusive one. believe them because you have empathy and are compassionate...There is so much to unpack here. Join Lara and Michelle to unpack this interesting topic. ...

Season 2 Episode 10: Back in the Saddle Again (ish)

Nov 7 • 38:34

I think this photo is very representative of getting back in the saddle again- it can feel big, daunting, lonely....yet breathtaking, courageous and beautiful. I think it's something we (as survivors) and many of our guests and listeners (fellow survivors) have in common is: How do we move on? Will we find love again? How do we trust again? What if we find another abuser? ...

Season 2 Episode 9: Meet the Multi-faceted life of Ana

Nov 3 • 01:26:56

Meet the multi faceted Ana. She's fascinating. Brilliant. Funny. ...

Season 2 Episode 8: Darkness is Needed to See the Stars

Oct 9 • 01:24:00

This title describes Katlyn's experience perfectly. Every episode I say "This is our best one yet" and every time, I mean it. You will not believe the strength that Katelyn needed to survive her relationship and our hope is that her story will encourage you because it's another reminder of how we CAN overcome. I want to add in as well, if you or someone you know is experie...

Season 2 Episode 7: Speak Your Truth Today

Oct 7 • 01:00:01

What better title for this podcast than the name of the very non profit that we have as our guest? And before you assume this is some boring talk with a non-profit, I say think again. You will LOVE listening to the amazing, powerhouse, badass that is Hannah Hollander. She turned her abusive experience into an entire organization that is THE most THOROUGH, in depth, caring,...

Season 2 Episode 6: Religious and Spiritual Abuse

Sep 20 • 54:56

Season 2 Episode 5: Angela the Artistic Angel

Sep 2 • 01:27:48

Michelle and I often say that we share our stories, because people hear their stories in ours. How true this is for Angela. Angela is a sweet, kind artist who experienced abuse in a same sex relationship. It's a great reminder that abuse knows no labels or relationship type. Straight, gay, bi, trans, white, black, latino, rich, poor, addicted, doesn't matter. ...

Season 2 Episode 4: Chasing Butterflies with Ashley

Aug 21 • 01:00:18

LISTENERS: Listen UP: You WANT to hear this episode it is AMAZING. Our best yet. We are joined by our lil' psychic friend Ashley of the Desert Clairvoyant - she is such a beautiful human who has a unique story to share of not only how she survived and escaped an abusive relationship, but how she is open, thriving and has found a second chance at life and is using her gifts...

Season 2 Episode 3: Hypervigilance

Aug 15 • 38:05

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