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Join Jason, Lucy, and other guest hosts as we dig deep into The Walking Dead. We're all about having fun celebrating this show, and we love getting your input too. So jump on board and get into The Walking Dead with us! Join us online at Check out our support page atRead more

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454: “Death and the Dead” (World Beyond S2E9) & “The Portrait” (FTWD S7E7)

Nov 30 • 01:39:25

World Beyond continues it’s run of terrific episodes this week (and Strand continues his mustache twirling over on Fear), and we’re joined by Daphne Backman to talk it out!

You can also hear Daphne and the Run For Your Lives Podcast: ...

453: "Returning Point" (World Beyond S2E8) & "Reclamation" (FTWD S7E6)

Nov 23 • 01:24:54

Lucy’s partner Peter joins us this week for a unique perspective on the world of the Walking Dead spinoffs. Another great World Beyond episode, and a possible send-off for a favorite character on Fear....

452: "Blood and Lies" (World Beyond S2E7) & "Till Death" (FTWD S7E5)

Nov 16 • 01:33:42

World Beyond gets an A+ from us this week, with lots of twists, revelations, tension, and all kinds of other craziness. If you aren’t watching this show, you’re missing out. And Fear was Fear. ...

451: “Who Are You?” (World Beyond S2E6) & “Breathe With Me” (FTWD S7E4)

Nov 9 • 01:36:41

World Beyond is ramping up as we head into the final few episodes of the series, with what we thought was a tense, deep, satisfying episode. And thought it was great to see Mo Collins get some screen time, I’m afraid you can probably predict our reaction to Fear....

450: "Quatervois" (World Beyond S2E5) & "Cindy Hawkins" (FTWD S7E3)

Nov 2 • 01:20:06

World Beyond is moving right along this week, with the long-awaited reunion of Hope, Iris, and their father; some intriguing revelations about the CRM; and the group taking action on making their escape. My thanks to my friend and longtime Zedhead Alex Balish for joining me for this one, and for helping me appreciate this week’s FTWD....

449: "Family is a Four Letter Word" (World Beyond S2E4) & "Six Hours" (FTWD S7E2)

Oct 26 • 01:18:42

World Beyond continues to show viewpoints and situations distinct from the main show, and we appreciate it for that. Also, Fear the Walking Dead was on. ;)
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448: “Exit Wounds” (World Beyond S2E3) & "The Beacon" (FTWD S7E1)

Oct 19 • 01:24:50

This week we move to more complete coverage of World Beyond and shorter rant sessions about FTWD, mostly because we feel more patient with WB given it’s got an end in sight…

Thank you to Derek for filling in for Jason this week. Check out all his great TV podcasts at

447: "For Blood" (TWD S11E8) & "Foothold" (World Beyond S2E2)

Oct 12 • 01:43:25

It’s the end of the first, what, trimester of the final season of TWD, with a bunch of unresolved stories and cliffhangers to keep us wondering what will happen next. But hey, at least Pope is dead! Plus, we thought some of the revelations about what exactly CRM is doing over on World Beyond were pretty intriguing. ...

446: "Promises Broken” (TWD S11E7) & “Konsekans” (World Beyond S2E1)

Oct 6 • 01:52:50

This week we return to the world of The World Beyond, such as it is, and a story-packed ep of TWD with some very Game-of-Thrones-esque wheeling and dealing in the Commonwealth that we were particularly intrigued by (and a Walking Dead version of Joffrey to boot).

The Walking Dead Cocktail Kit: ...

445: "On the Inside" (S11E6)

Sep 28 • 01:38:53

Dang, we got a full-on horror movie this week. I’m joined by my fellow horror-movie lover, Rima, to talk it out. BOO!...

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