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The Voicebot Podcast is about the intersection of voice and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. It is a weekly look at trends, founders and newsmakers and supplements the daily research, analysis and news found at
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Best Episodes

2021 Voice AI Predictions Part 2 with Paquiot, Kibbe, Palmiter-Bajorek, and Kemp - Voicebot Podcast Ep 189

Jan 20, 2021

"Shuffle clip about shuffle app"




Here is Part 2 of our 2021 voice AI predictions. On January 1st, we published over 100 predictions from 50 industry leaders. Today, we go deeper with four guests that add some detail to their thinking around Voice AI in 2021. Topics covered include multimodal design, multimodal displays inRead more

Dennis Crowley Co-founder of Foursquare and Creator of Marsbot - Voicebot Podcast Ep 179

Nov 23, 2020

"Spatial audio for AirPods is going to be so cool"


Dennis Crowley is co-founder and executive chairman of Foursquare, a pioneer in the rise of the mobile, local, and social apps famous for pioneering the venue check-in concept. Today, it supports popular consumer apps and a large enterprise business around consumer geolocation data. The company hasRead more

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James Chapman VP and GM of Music and Wearables at Qualcomm - Voicebot Podcast Ep 181

Dec 7, 2020

"Qualcomm’s view on how smart watches, earbuds and voice UI will work in tandem "


James Chapman is VP and GM of music and wearables at Qualcomm, which means he oversees both hearables and smart watches. Qualcomm is a driving force behind the chips that make each subsequent hearable generation more powerful and more power-efficient.  Chapman arrived at Qualcomm in 2015 as part ofRead more

Bahubali Shete CEO of TinyChef on His Journey to 1M Voice App Users and New Voice Commerce Features on Alexa - Voicebot Podcast Ep 201

Mar 21, 2021

"TinyChef is a very clever application of voice assistants. Love this."

Bahubali Shete founded TinyChef in 2016 (originally known as Klovechef) as an IoT-plus-voice interactive cooking experience and pivoted to an ML-based and software-only solution two years later. That move led to the company's Sanjeev Kapoor Recipes becoming the number one Alexa skill in India forRead more

Vijay Balasubramaniyan CEO of Pindrop Security - Voicebot Podcast Ep 86

Mar 1, 2019

"Pindrop CEO talking about voice biometrics & authentication 2 years ago. Precursor to Pindrop + TiVo partnership "

Vijay Balasubramaniyan co-founded Pindrop Security in 2011 after completing his PhD and presenting his research about verifying identity based on sounds other than voices in telephone calls. He is the current CEO. The company uses voice biometrics to detect phone-based fraud and notably raised aRead more

2021 Voice AI Predictions Part 1 with Thadani, Tingiris, Stapleton, and Fields - Voicebot Podcast Ep 188

Jan 18, 2021

"Steve Tingiris of Dabble Labs on “Alexa Custom Assistants”"

On January 1st, we published over 100 predictions from 50 industry leaders. We go a little deeper with four guests today that elaborate on their thinking in Part 1 of our 2021 voice AI predictions episodes. Topics covered include owned/custom voice assistants, first-party voice experiences, virtualRead more
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