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The Virtual CMO podcast explores growth marketing strategies for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Hosted by Eric Dickmann, Founder of The Five Echelon Group and a fractional CMO, we focus on what it takes to build strategic marketing plans and execute successful campaigns. The podcast featuresRead more

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Why Building a Strong Personal Brand Helps Your Business with Rob Levinson

Sep 27 • 34:42

In episode 95, host Eric Dickmann interviews Rob Levinson on the podcast. Rob is the Co-Founder of Leverage Advisors, a company that helps position businesses for long-term financial, operating, and market success. Rob has over 35 years of experience in branding, positioning, and storytelling. He helps companies when they need a laser-focused brand story that aligns with t...

Creating Culture Through Remote Relationships with Brian Roland and Travis Gravette

Sep 23 • 34:47

In episode 94, host Eric Dickmann interviews Brian Roland and Travis Gravette. Brian is a social entrepreneur and Founder of Abenity and Travis is its CEO. Abenity is a company that powers corporate perks for top businesses. They have partnered with the world’s top brands to provide member-only access to private discounts and corporate rates on everything from pizza and th...

How Introverts Can Learn to Network Like a Pro with Matthew Pollard

Sep 20 • 42:19

In episode 93, host Eric Dickmann interviews Matthew Pollard. Matthew is a growth marketing expert, keynote speaker, award-winning blogger and podcaster, and best-selling author of "The Introvert’s Edge." Forbes calls him “the real deal,” but Matthew is better known as “The Rapid Growth Guy.” By the age of 30, he was responsible for five multi-million dollar business succe...

Being a Customer Advocate Within Your Business with Brian Kale

Sep 16 • 34:40

In episode 92, host Eric Dickmann interviews Brian Kale. Brian is a customer service advocate, CX industry insider, and Head of Customer Success at Bank Novo. a small business banking platform connecting business owners to no-fee checking and debit accounts. He's been helping companies better understand their customers by building better products for their needs.

For show ...

Using Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business with Saunder Schroeder

Sep 13 • 32:41

In episode 91, host Eric Dickmann interviews Saunder Schroeder. Saunder is a digital marketer and the Chief Marketing Officer of Disruptive Advertising. Throughout his career, he has been able to help grow hundreds of businesses by creating digital marketing strategies to drive traffic and generate leads. Saunder has created and executed digital marketing strategies for Fo...

How to Improve Your Writing and Build Influence Online with Morissa Schwartz

Sep 9 • 27:21

In episode 90, host Eric Dickmann interviews Morissa Schwartz. Morissa is an entrepreneur, social media specialist, marketing expert, best-selling author, and Founder of Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing. She holds a Ph.D. in Literature and a Master's in Communications.  Morissa has published several books and articles in periodicals including Entertainment Weekly, Huffingto...

Building a Marketing Strategy to Reach an Unreachable Audience with Colin Jeffries

Sep 6 • 41:51

In episode 89, host Eric Dickmann interviews Colin Jeffries. Colin is an entrepreneur, podcast host, and Marketing & Communications Director at BrightView. He has over a decade of experience helping organizations reach the right audiences at the right time with messages that galvanize the best prospects to action. Jeffries’ background in digital marketing, content marketin...

Implementing a CEX - Customer and Employee Experience Strategy with Jason Bradshaw

Sep 2 • 38:27

In episode 88, host Eric Dickmann interviews Jason Bradshaw. Jason is an entrepreneur, global guru on customer service, award-winning executive, keynote speaker, CMO, and Best-Selling Author of "It’s All About CEX."  He created his first business at 14, selling telecommunications and computer equipment in the Australian regional city of Toowoomba.  Jason tested and impleme...

Using AI to Create Content for Social Media with Kate Bradley Chernis

Sep 2 • 44:09

In episode 85, host Eric Dickmann interviews Kate Bradley Chernis. Kate is the Founder & CEO of Lately, the only social media management platform that creates content for you with the power of A.I. As a former marketing agency owner, Kate initially created the idea for Lately out of spreadsheets for then-client, Walmart, and got them a 130% ROI, year-over-year for three ye...

Building a Successful Fully Remote Local Business with Neel Parekh

Aug 30 • 35:07

In episode 87, host Eric Dickmann interviews Neel Parekh. Neel is an entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of MaidThis Franchise. He started his career working in venture capital and private equity identifying and analyzing investment opportunities and managing investment portfolios. His dream was to work for himself and to enjoy freedom from the confines of the 9-to-5 office l...

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