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The Villain Was Right

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Comedians Craig Fay and Rebecca Reeds view Movies and TV from the villain's perspective and dare to ask if they were really all that bad. Podcast Produced by The From Superheroes Network.

Popular episodes

167: While You Were Sleeping

Dec 2 • 01:07:29

After a horrible accident Peter awakens in the hospital surrounded by his loving family. But all is not right. Lucy, a strange and unfamiliar woman has inserted herself into his family’s life by claiming to be his fiancé. When his brother Jack also begins to act suspiciously Peter must decide if he should be suspicious of his family or his own sanity. ...

166: Man of Steel

Nov 25 • 59:05

165: Big Daddy (with Luke Gordon Field)

Nov 18 • 59:29

After the tragic death of his mother, young Julian McGrath is sent to live with his biological father. But when Social Services conducts a routine follow up that reveals the boy’s father is out of the country and never took custody of him, it becomes a race against time to locate the child and arrest the deranged man who has taken him.  ...

164: Harriet The Spy (with Natasha Myles)

Nov 11 • 01:05:45

When a prowler is discovered peering through windows and breaking into people’s houses, Marion Hawthorne organizes a neighbourhood watch to drive the predator from the community. But once exposed the prowler begins to take revenge on those that hunted her in a dangerous escalation of her crimes....

163: Venom

Nov 4 • 56:46

While on a mission to save his species alien symbiote Riot crash lands on a strange planet called Earth.  Riot quickly discovers that merging with the native humans is the key to the symbiote’s salvation but before he can usher in an age of peaceful co-existence he must defeat the treacherous Venom who will doom his entire species to extinction in order to keep the whole w...

162: The Craft

Oct 28 • 58:12

When a group of misfit high school girls attempt to conjure an ancient spirit, they never expected it to be Manon – the whacky French-Canadian deity with a heart of gold. Through a series of hilarious pranks Manon teaches them about self-confidence and how to win over their crush! But when the group’s leader Nancy takes things a little too far it’s up to Manon and the new ...

161: Death Becomes Her

Oct 21 • 01:01:44

As an actress, Madeline Ashton Menville has always felt pressure to adhere to unrealistic beauty standards and in desperation seeks out an untested cosmetic procedure. After an unexpected side effect derails her plans to leave Ernest, her drunk and abusive husband, she must turn enemies into allies to take back control of her life....

160: The Thing

Oct 14 • 56:43

Following a crash landing an intrepid explorer finds themself stranded on a hostile ice planet. When they discover the only shelter from the deadly cold is occupied by a group of grotesque and violent aliens the explorer is forced to hide amongst them. Now it is a race against time to repair their spaceship and escape before the aliens discover their presence. ...

159: Jennifer's Body (with Sequoia Simone)

Oct 7 • 59:58

When a clout chasing indie band bungles a straightforward satanic ritual, Succubus suddenly finds herself ripped away from hell and stuck in the body of Jennifer, a small-town high school student. Now Succubus must find a way to navigate the strange world of boys, jealous friends, and a whole lot of teenage angst all while trying to find a decent snack....

158: Saved By The Bell

Sep 30 • 01:13:32

When army brat A.C. Slater transfers to Bayside High it seems like every other high school he’s attended. But after flirting with classmate Kelly Kapowski he runs afoul of Zack Morris – a manipulative and selfish freshman that seems to have the entire school under his spell. Now Slater must team up with bumbling school principal Mr. Belding to stop Zack’s schemes and disco...

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