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The Up and Comers Show is a podcast about the process of becoming. Our tagline is “learning how to live a good life” which we believe takes living with “intention in the tension” because life is inevitably filled tensions we must live within. Hosted by Thane Marcus Ringler, this show aims to unpackRead more

Popular episodes

189: On Sabbatical

Apr 7 • 11:55

In this episode, Thane Marcus Ringler gives three reasons why he’s going on a sabbatical. These three reasons include time, money, and focus. If you found value in the show and you want it to continue, please listen to this episode. Thane enumerates simple ways you can contribute to help the show go on. If you want to be an active up and comer, consider becoming a contribu...

188: Fellowship Ft. Sean Hanson: Humble Swagger: A Conversation On Ministry, Masculinity, And Early Lessons From Running An Organization

Mar 10 • 54:18

In this episode, Thane Marcus Ringler and his guest, Sean Hanson, come together for a fellowship conversation on ministry, masculinity, and management. Sean launched BUD Ministries, a nonprofit seeking to unite, disciple, and equip young men to be unshakably devoted in their pursuit of Christ. Thane and Sean discuss the modern challenges of spreading the Gospel, how mascul...

187: Couch Conversations With Evan Ryan Ringler: Learnings From Marriage And Rhythms For Healthy Partnerships

Mar 3 • 37:41

Marriage is not the end-game for many relationships. It is where the journey actually begins. In an age where many marriages fall through the roof, how can you fight the statistics and maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship with your life partner? In this Couch Conversation episode, Thane Marcus Ringler and his wife, Evan Ryan Ringler, share learnings and advice ...

186: Fellowship Ft. Austin Gray: Get Creative And Make It Work: An Entrepreneurial Conversation On Community, Sustainability, The Shame Cycle, And Doing Business For Good

Feb 24 • 58:21

It is not wrong to give your best in your business and strive hard to achieve success, but it is unacceptable to disregard your physical, mental, and personal states just to accomplish that. An entrepreneur can only be considered successful if they truly understand how to use a sustainable approach when running a business. Sharing his personal experiences with Thane Marcus...

185: John Eldredge: Guarding The Heart: Why Humans Prefer Denial, Practicing Self-Kindness, Asking God's Opinion, Being Protective Instead Of Defensive, And Knowing That Your Story Matters

Feb 17 • 50:04

The human heart is the chamber of humanity where dreams, disappointments, hope, and other emotions and desires are found. The Wild at Heart author himself, John Eldredge, sits with Thane Marcus Ringler and talks about the impact of global trauma on humanity and why the human heart prefers denial and falls short in self-kindness. John is a best-selling author, a counselor a...

184: Self-Kindness: How To Overcome Self-Sabotage

Feb 10 • 14:34

Believe it or not, it’s easier to beat ourselves up all the time for not being good enough than to change our inner dialogue and give ourselves some grace. Self-kindness is the antidote to self-sabotage, whether the latter shows up in the form of unrealistic expectations, self-shaming or the comparison trap. The kinder we are with ourselves, the kinder we could show up to ...

183: John Pierson: Who Are You Serving Today?: Why We Should Pursue Things We Enjoy, Striking A Balance In Our Lives, Valuing People Above Tasks, Learning Patience In The Process, And Embracing The Idea Of Change

Feb 3 • 01:16:23

In running a business, values still trump mere money-making strategies. That's why in any setting, entrepreneurs who give enormous regard to servant leadership will always find success in their chosen field. Athlete-turned-businessman John Pierson sits down with Thane Marcus Ringler to share how he concentrates on the mindset of serving others in running his business, Serv...

182: Eric Wood: Serve Where You Are: A VP's Story Of Living Intentionally, Removing Barriers, Valuing And Including Others, Pursuing Faith As Relationship, And Overcoming Inequality

Jan 27 • 01:25:14

You are called upon to serve where you are. No matter what your circumstances are, God has given you the gifts that you have the responsibility to use in the service of the people around you. Eric Wood lives by this principle everyday as someone who does helping people as his profession. Eric is the first African-American VP of Louisiana Tech, as well as the first Athletic...

181: Riji Raja: Pairing Affirmations With Action: An Actor Who's On A Mission To Let You Know You Are Enough, No One Is Born Ready, And There Is A Purpose To Living

Jan 20 • 01:21:30

When your back is finally pushed against the wall, you will start to have a new life perspective centered on gratitude, optimism, and putting trust in God. This is what actor Riji Raja went through by experiencing homelessness with her husband, marking one of the most challenging phases of their lives. She sits down with Thane Marcus Ringler to share how they transitioned ...

180: Fellowship Ft. Adam Setser: On The Importance Of Obstacles, Eating Humble Pie, The Art Of Leading From The Middle, Servant Leadership, And Being Motivated By Love

Jan 13 • 56:53

What has 2020 taught you? We’ve all had such a challenging year that it bears upon us to reflect on what we have witnessed and experienced so that we may come up in the new year in better form. In this fellowship episode, Thane Marcus Ringler shares the seat with his good friend and partner, Adam Setser. Together, they discuss a host of topics that stood out in their consc...

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