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Timeless Practical Wisdom For Living a Meaningful LifeInspiring stories and practical advice from creatives, entrepreneurs, change-makers, misfits, and rebels to help you become successful on your own terms Our listeners say, “If TEDTalks met Oprah you’d have the Unmistakable Creative.” EliminateRead more

Popular episodes

Liz Wiseman | How to Become an Impact Player in Your Career

Nov 24 • 01:00:59

Greg McKeown | How to Make it Effortless to do What Matters Most

Nov 22 • 50:29

Listener Favorites | David Wood: Playing for Real in the Game of Life

Nov 19 • 59:52

David Wood, a life coach and CEO at Play For Real, talks about the concept of playing the game of life, unapologetically and wholeheartedly. He explains that losing at a game doesn’t need to spoil the fun or even worse, prevent you from playing. Our discussion makes for a captivating episode as David shares some valuable stories, many profound lessons and much more....

Leidy Klotz | The Untapped Science of Less

Nov 17 • 01:12:02

To-do lists abound, our streets get wider, ideas flow and more is never enough. Our world is getting smaller with every new thing we add to it but do we ever stop to subtract? What can we take away from ourselves? What are we missing in our constant pursuit of more and why is it so difficult for us to stop? How do we achieve... less? Find out in this fascinating episode wi...

Carlos Adell | From Drug Dealer and Gang Member to Successful Entrepreneur

Nov 15 • 54:22

Carlos Adell shares his inspiring story of how he went from being a shy, introverted kid, to becoming a drug dealing gang member, to finally discovering the deeper meaning of his life becoming a successful entrepreneur. Discover what drove him and learn the key lessons that helped him build the life he wanted to live....

Listener Favorites: Danielle Laporte | White Hot Truth

Nov 11 • 48:03

It started to dawn on me that I was actually really tired of trying to be better, that all the things I was doing weren’t necessarily making me stronger. There was a lot of dependency on external input, what I call the paraphernalia of the new age. And it wasn’t hard to see this. But it wasn’t just me that was feeling that way. It was really me and all my girlfriends. Ever...

Jonathan Brill | How to Survive and Profit from Radical Change

Nov 10 • 01:05:47

Derek Gladwin | Rewriting Our Stories

Nov 8 • 54:09

Listener Favorites: Dr. Uma Naidoo | This is your Brain on Food

Nov 5 • 01:00:49

We've all heard the phrase "You are what you eat". Well, Dr. Uma Naidoo has done the research and found a fascinating link between our stomachs and our brains that takes it to another level. We discuss the relationship between food and our brains and how employing this knowledge into our diets can help treat and prevent a wide range of psychological and cognitive health is...

Sarah Stein Greenberg | Creative Acts for Curious People

Nov 3 • 56:58

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