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The Unlovely Truth

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Exploring the intersection of faith and true crime.

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Season 2, Episode 47: Celebrating the 100th Episode of the Podcast for True Crime Junkies who Love Jesus

Nov 23 • 24:53

There are SO MANY true crime podcasts that you could be listening to so I really want to say thank you for making time in your busy schedule to listen to me. I hope that you’ve learned some things you didn’t know, wrestled with topics you hadn’t thought much about, and reached out to help someone in need. ...

Season 2, Episode 46: In the Name of the Children, Part 3: Solving the Cold Case Murder of Danny Hohenstein

Nov 16 • 30:53

Danny Hohenstein would probably have benefitted from some time in a more structured environment than his alcoholic mom was giving him. She once lost track of him for three days, forgetting that she’d left him at a friend’s house. On the day he disappeared, she was eagerly looking for him because she wanted to drop him off with his father. She called police when she still c...

Season 2, Episode 45: In the Name of the Children, Part 2

Nov 9 • 36:36

Yosemite National Park attracts millions of visitors to its breathtaking views that are sure to make for memorable family vacations. It also attracts workers who want - or need - to live off the grid. Tragedy erupted in Yosemite in February 1999 when Carol Sund, her teenage daughter Juli, and their friend Silvina Pelosso crossed paths with Cary Staynor, a handyman at Yosem...

Season 2, Episode 44: Is Empathy an FBI Interrogation Technique? "In the Name of the Children" by Jeffrey Rinek and Marilee Strong

Nov 2 • 30:05

On this episode of The Unlovely Truth I interview our Unlovely Truth Tribe Chaplain, Lori Prather. Lori has many years of experience wrestling with the dark issues of faith that true crime stories present. We had an interesting conversation about why many Christians deliberately choose to work in dark fields, discussed how things aren’t always as they seem, and the interes...

Season 2, Episode 43: Can FaceBook be Fatal? The Death of Ashleigh Hall

Oct 26 • 10:12

Internet predators are a parent’s worst nightmare. The FaceBook whistleblower, Frances Haugen, has been everywhere on the news lately saying that she has proof FaceBook chose to prioritize profit over people. Did this alleged lack of appropriate online safeguards contribute to the death of 17-year-old Ashleigh Hall in England in 2009? Is the same thing happening to more of...

Season 2, Episode 42: Five Secrets of a Mafia Madman

Oct 19 • 30:02

On this episode of The Unlovely Truth, I interview former mafia madman Robert Borelli. Robert has fascinating tales of his time in a notorious crime family, but his best story is the day that he cried out to God to change him. ...

Season 2, Episode 41: The Redemption of Bobby Love: A Story of Faith, Family, and Justice

Oct 12 • 29:38

North Carolina native Walter Curtis Miller escaped from prison and was born again as Bobby Love. Bobby’s wife Cheryl had no idea who her husband really was until police knocked on their door over three decades later. I had a fascinating conversation with Bobby and Cheryl about bad choices, secrets, redemption, and how we know who we truly are. We also talked about what it ...

Season 2, Episode 40: Race and the Media: Why You Know Gabby Petito but Not Rajah McQueen or Paige Coffey

Oct 5 • 09:39

On this episode of the Unlovely Truth we’re going to talk about what drives the disparity in the media’s treatment of missing persons of color versus missing persons who are white. You’ll hear the stories of Rajah McQueen and Paige Coffey as we discuss why these missing women didn’t get the same amount of media attention that Gabby Petito did. ...

Season 2, Episode 39: The Baby Thief

Sep 28 • 43:58

Selling babies can make you a lot of money if you don’t care how many lives you destroy. It doesn’t seem like the Tennessee woman who pioneered modern adoption did. Let’s take a look at the life and work of Georgia Tan to see if we can pinpoint where it all went so very wrong....

Season 2, Episode 38: True Crime Online - Cyber Hate

Sep 21 • 10:57

On this episode of The Unlovely Truth, I dive into the issue of online hate. You’ll hear about three interesting cases where that hate spilled offline, with tragic results. More importantly, we’re going to talk about whether you and I ever cross the line when we’re online....

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