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The Undesirables

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A dating podcast by two guys who definitely shouldn't have a dating podcast.

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Closure: The Season Finale

Aug 8 • 01:23:42

When some ghosts from Tom's past return in dramatic fashion, the boys realize they have no choice but to resurrect senior relationship expert correspondent Kait Emery to inject once again some much-needed wisdom into their well-intentioned mania and neuroses....

"I have chlamydia"

Jul 31 • 48:15

We all knew it would come to this....

The Sexual Fantasies Quiz

Jul 24 • 52:12

Tom, Tucker and official Undesirables senior gay correspondent James dive into a sexual fantasies quiz from Tell Me What You Want, a book that takes a fascinating, comprehensive look at the complexities of Americans' sexual fantasies....

Reporting LIVE from Tucker's bedroom

Jul 17 • 01:36

With Tucker out on assignment, Tom drops the hard news: There's only three episodes left in the season....

Pete and Josh, hosts of Poe Boys, a Star Wars podcast

Jul 10 • 24:45

Tom, not able to take the idea of asking Tucker another single question about his dating life, decides to hop on a train out of the city to catch up with his old friends and hosts of the Poe Boys podcast, Pete and Josh. Together, they know nearly everything about Star Wars and absolutely nothing about how to successfully navigate the world of modern dating....

Kissin' dudes, dating profile review, and shout outs

Jul 3 • 39:30

Tucker and Tom decide to let their natural charisma take over to talk about something other than kissin' ladies for a change... and end up talking about kissin' dudes. They talk about the motivation behind casual smooching, the difference between finding someone attractive and being attracted to them, and try to leave a little hope open for all the fans shipping a Tucker-T...

James, senior gay correspondent, on Grindr, hookup culture, and tongue

Jun 26 • 49:50

No one has more dirt on Tucker and Tom than James. No one. He's known them for decades, lived with them for a full year, and liked them for weeks....

Read receipts, dating attrition, and tangents

Jun 19 • 36:11

After so many out-of-order or months-delayed episodes, Tucker and Tom take a quick squat and chat about what going on in their dating lives right now. Tom's soliciting teens for "journalism," Tucker's taking a break for "sanity," and they're both impossible to keep on topic....

B & L, the anonymous hosts of Not Your Girlfriend's Podcast

Jun 12 • 01:04:19

Imagine Tucker and Tom unleashed. No more of this weak "let's rein it back to protect our friends and loved ones." That's what it's like for B and L, the anonymous hosts of Not Your Girlfriend's Podcast. They can get real, and they do here as the group discusses first dates, commitment, getting over exes and how important are orgasms to sex....

Dr. Maggie Dancel, psychologist and sex therapist

Jun 5 • 46:42

Finally seeking outside help, Tucker and Tom bring in Dr. Maggie Dancel, a clinical psychologist specializing in sex, to answer burning questions like: What is "too much masturbation"? What does a sex dungeon actually look (and smell) like? How quietly can you say the word "poop"?...

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