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The Turning: The Sisters Who Left


Thousands of women gave up everything to follow Mother Teresa, joining her storied Catholic order, the Missionaries of Charity. But some found that life inside this fiercely private religious order was not what they’d imagined. Former sisters who worked closely with Mother Teresa describe her boldRead more

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Bonus: Bride of Christ

Sep 15 • 33:17

BONUS - Jenna Cooper is a 36-year-old consecrated virgin who lives in Winona, Minnesota. She tells us what that means, what her life is like now, and what it’s like to feel called when you’re 12 years old....

10. Out There

Jul 20 • 51:31

PART TEN - “I couldn’t come to any clarity unless I took off the habit and was seen.”...

9. Highway of Broken Glass

Jul 13 • 52:29

8. Saint of Darkness

Jul 6 • 51:36

PART EIGHT - "She used to tell us, ‘If ever I will be a saint, I will be the saint of darkness.’ ... And we didn't know what she meant."...

7. Silence

Jun 29 • 58:30

PART SEVEN - This episode contains descriptions of alleged sexual abuse. Listener discretion is advised....

Bonus: Kelli

Jun 22 • 41:23

BONUS - You know Kelli Dunham from previous episodes. Kelli joined the Missionaries of Charity looking for a life that made sense. That’s not what she found. She had a painful exit from the MCs. ...

6. The Third Floor

Jun 15 • 50:16

PART SIX - Siblings Joan and Sue both join the Missionaries of Charity, and they steal secret moments on the third floor — the only time they can be alone to talk. Like all MC sisters, they live by the vow of obedience. Their story shows how power works in the order: who has power, and what happens when you push back on it. Sue grapples with this from above, as a superior;...

5. Particular Friendship

Jun 8 • 51:06

PART FIVE - MC sisters are forbidden from having “particular friendships.” They’re not supposed to get close to anyone. They’re supposed to detach from their human relationships so that they can focus on God. They live a vow of chastity to the extreme. But even in the convent, secret love emerges, and two sisters begin a forbidden relationship....

4. The Devil's Advocates

Jun 1 • 42:05

PART FOUR - The world’s most admired woman lived a life dedicated to helping the poor – but was it always in their best interest? ...

3. Mother

May 25 • 47:36

PART THREE - She wasn’t always a saint. When Mother Teresa is 36 years old, she hears a mystical voice on a train. Then she has visions — visions she believes are sent by God to tell her to bring souls to Jesus. Little does she know these moments of near ecstasy will lead her to international celebrity. But her path to founding her own religious institute is dotted with ch...

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