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Trish Regan is an award winning financial journalist, an American television talk show host and author who interprets political events through an economic lens. Get the INTEL to help you make the best investment choices with Trish.

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Dec 03 - Team Biden and the NBA Can't Stop Kissing China's A**

Dec 3 • 19:21

What's China got on Biden and the NBA? Apparently MONEY. Woke capitalism is alive and well as the administration, the NBA and others look the other way on China's muzzling of a major female tennis star. At least the Women's Tennis Association gets it... where's the rest of our American sports community and political leaders?...

Dec 2 - New Poll Proves Biden's Presidency Is OVER

Dec 2 • 16:54

This Biden Presidency has jumped the shark. I know it, you know it, the Republicans know it, the Democrats SHOULD know it, and the American people know as this new poll proves....

Nov 26 - A Total Market Collapse

Nov 26 • 35:33

The market collapsed on Friday in a moment of total capitulation --- but, long term investors need to stay focused. Trish Regan explains why now is an opportunity. ...

Nov 25 - Woke Capitalism Strikes Again as Bank Chief 'Regrets' Comments on China

Nov 25 • 16:10

The CEO of one of the nation's biggest banks, JP Morgan, is walking back comments he made about China in what appears to be an attempt to placate the CCP this Thanksgiving. ...

Nov 24 - Wokeism is Destroying America!

Nov 24 • 20:08

After learning that the man who ran over 6 people in Wisconsin at a Christmas parade was free on just $1000 bail, AOC and Rashida Talib are making the argument for lower bail and no federal prisons. Really.
Why isn't the media holding them accountable? 
Meanwhile, the President is trying to lower inflation (and, specifically, prices at the gas pumps) by tapping the Strategic...

Nov 23 - Prepare for $6 Gasoline

Nov 23 • 11:37

President Biden announced that he would tap the U.S. Strategic oil reserves -- 50 million barrels -- in an attempt to lower gas prices. But, the move has backfired as global energy markets are bidding up oil prices even higher. ...

Nov 22 - Here's Why The Stock Market Will Go Even Higher

Nov 22 • 15:03

The market cheered news that President Biden would appoint Jerome Powell for another term at the Federal Reserve -- but, is anyone thinking out what his policies mean for everyday Americans?
Trish looks at the ramifications of the Fed pick for investors and middle class Americans alike. Plus, she's got details on the crypto currency many are counting on to help power the ne...

Nov 19 - Has Biden Always Been This Dumb?

Nov 19 • 12:37

President Joe Biden just made a massive political mistake by nominating Saule Omarova -- a woman who seems to want to socialize, or even COMMUNIZE, our American banking system. Why is he courting the the radical left with moves like this? Trish Regan examines what Omarova has written about the need to shift consumer bank deposits to the Federal Reserve...thereby creating a...

Nov 18 - A China Threat Goes Unchecked

Nov 19 • 14:43

Why is the Biden Administration allowing so much investment in China? At a time when Taiwan is considered to be in such a challenging position?
According to the U.S. China Economic and Security Review, we need serious restrictions on U.S. investment in China. The trade imbalances are back at levels not seen since before the 2018 Trump tariffs and the U.S. dollars flowing to...

Nov 17 - Biden's Desperate Move: Blames Energy Companies For Own Bad Policy

Nov 18 • 18:23

President Biden is trying to spin the inflation story by throwing the blame on oil and natural gas companies. In a letter to the Federal Trade Commission, he demands an investigation into the companies that are profiting from higher energy prices. Somehow it must be the result of fraud? Trish Regan explains that higher energy costs are the result of Biden's own bad policie...

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