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The Train Rush

A short format podcast, running 30-45 minutes, where we discuss a single train game we played in the preceding fortnight. Rich descriptions, zen reflections and meandering musings often feature. Empirical ratings (mostly) do not.

Popular episodes

S02E10 - An Imitation of Life - What Price Originality?

Sep 13 • 01:26:25
Once again, Joe finds himself in a pique of rage, having identified Craig’s plagiarised contributions towards The Train Rush’s topic-based episode on ‘the value of originality’? Why must his work follow him home? WHY can’t his co-host be more mature than the juveniles under his charge? He slowly reaches into the West most drawer of his home-office desk for the familiar, du...

S02E09 - Tragedy Looper - Union Station

Jun 26 • 01:02:10

S02E08 - Charmless Man - 18MAN

Mar 16 • 45:38

S02E07 - From Russia With Love - Trans Siberian Railroad

Dec 24 • 01:34:53
Christmas Movie Pitch Meeting--- An empath and a psychopath discuss their experience of a recent murder on a westbound train from Moscow to Siberia. The question on their minds: Do the dead forget?

(Trans Siberian Railroad. Mostly. Mild swears happen.)

00:00 - 1:34:50 - All TSR, all the time, baby! Well, except for the Ponzi Scheme chat. And the Irish Gauge chat. Probably o...

S02E06 - Slow Train Coming - 1836jr

Oct 29 • 01:26:59
Craig and Joe provide CRUDE ANALYSIS containing CRUDE WORDS from a CRUDE COUNTRY.


Seriously… You have been warned. I am NOT paying for the counselling for your kids if you choose to play this as ‘easy listening’ for the family road trip.

P.S. 'Swears' warning aside, thank you to those who contributed towards this episode, specifically:...

S02E05 - A Reply to Game Brain - House of Fun

Oct 1 • 46:45
Welcome to the House of Fun
Now Steam’s Come of Age
Welcome to the House of Fun
Bankruptcy’s on his way
Welcome to the House of Fun

I’m sorry son
But we don’t stock
Original analysis
In this shop
But we do have a line of conceited podcast episodes where we have imaginary conversations with other podcast episodes

Ahhh… a modern classic.

Craig & Joe discuss Game Brain’s Dmitry’s argum...

S02E04 - One Way Ticket - Ride the Rails

Sep 2 • 01:38:49
This is your last chance. A one way ticket. After this, there is no turning back.

You take the blue share—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red share— Craig and Joe discuss Ride the Rails for longer than it takes to play the game itself, thoroughly examining the figurative viscera of the game, with the acuity of a...

S02E03- Never Gonna Give You Up - AesthetiXX in 18XX

Jul 31 • 01:12:16
Awakening from hibernation, with the physique of a slumbering Kraken and the intellect of a dozing minnow, Craig surfaces some loosely organised thoughts about art in 18xx.

Featuring a special guest host sporting a face-mask made for radio, 'Locomotive' Joe Reese. Joe can spell the word 'hexagon', so he knows his onions or more specifically, his polygons.

00:00 – Show Intro

S02E02 - 18NewEngland - I'm not looking for a new England

Nov 7 • 01:12:39
In a country ridden by unrelenting political chaos, Dave and Craig attempt to escape to Scott Petersen’s England. A brave ‘New’ England…

Featuring Jake Klopfenstein of the Gaming Moguls as a guest third wheel. More wheels is better, right?

00:00 – Intro & show update
02:42 – Introducing Jake Klofpenstein
05:00 – Games last week, including 1828 and StationedOut
07:17 – 18NewEng...

S02E01 - 1834 - Belgian Waffle

Aug 6 • 43:16
Dave & Craig describe and discuss the 2018 Winsome 18xx, 1834 designed by , set in the chocolatier nation state of Europe, Belgium.

Should you seek this rarity out, like a fine Trappist beer, or is it merely a commodity item, like as much batter-based breakfast food?

Listen on to find out. Sort of...

00:00 – Intro
00:23 - This week I've been mostly... WITH ADDED PATREON

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