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The Tim Dillon Show


Tim Dillon is a comedian and tour guide. He’s very excited to give you a tour of the end of the world. Each week from a porch in Los Angeles he shares apocalyptic visions with his friends and berates a local diner.

Popular episodes

279 - Flashmob Omicron Morning Star Bear

Nov 30 • 01:08:58

Tim discusses the flash mobs at Louis Vuitton and Nordstroms, a woman self named "Morning Star Bear", and why Austin, Texas may be the most expensive city in the United States....

278 - A Thanksgiving Tale

Nov 23 • 58:33

Tim Dillon, driving through the hills of Texas, shares some Thanksgiving wisdom to navigate your wonderful family this holiday season, and breaks down the history of Ghislaine Maxwell, a woman wrongfully accused, now up against a brutal and unforgiving judicial system. Happy Turkey Day....

277 - The New American Dream

Nov 16 • 01:05:01

Live from New York, Tim recaps a feud he had with a cast member at Saturday Night Live, discusses the rising popularity of the "anti-work" movement, and Ghislaine's dark days in prison....

276 - The Squish

Nov 9 • 01:32:25

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275 - Cool Mom!

Oct 31 • 01:17:17

Tim Dillon discusses a cool party mother who loved her family maybe too much, what Mr. Zuckerberg has planned in the exciting virtual reality Metaverse, and millennials vs zoomers in the work place....

274 - Tourettes Gang

Oct 24 • 55:21

Bonus episodes every week:...

273 - Snap, Kapital, Pop

Oct 17 • 01:16:59

Tim covers it all this week from the Kellogg cereal strike, to a cell of serial killers across the United States. He also goes into Seattle banning halloween, Chappelle's new special (and Hannah Gadsby's retort) and why the city of Austin, TX will never stop surprising him....

272 - Night of The Beating

Oct 10 • 01:05:16

Tim rips into the billionaires exposed in the Pandora Papers, how Katie Porter can change the world, Fauci's new documentary, and brings on a new sponsor, the great SteveWillDoIt from NELK....

271 - The Many Taints of Newark

Oct 3 • 57:42

Tim finally reveals he was up for a part in The Many Saints of Newark, rehashes a twitter beef he had this week, tries to wrap his head around a new show starring an Afghani Translator on CBS, and why exactly big directors are casting the children of dead legends....

270 - Havana Syndrome

Sep 26 • 01:38:14

Tim is stalked by a woman in New York City, and gets the very mysterious and definitely real "Havana Syndrome" while staying at the same hotel as Harry and Meghan. He dives head first into the two chubby Southwest Florida boys planning a massacre at their school, and wonders why he doesn't have more mainstream success on respectable platforms like HBO....

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