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The Tax-Savvy Expat Podcast

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The Tax-Savvy Expat Podcast helps American expats and digital nomads to (i) maximize the tax-reduction (and even tax-elimination) opportunities available by living abroad and (ii) avoid the pitfalls along the way. Stewart Patton, US tax attorney and expat entrepreneur, dives deep on a narrow topicRead more

Popular episodes

Episode 11: The Tax-Savvy Expat Entrepreneur Structure

Feb 6 • 16:47

This one gives away all the secrets!...

Episode 10: Putting it All Together 3 (Entrepreneurs)

Jan 16 • 16:00

In the final episode of the "Putting it All Together" series, we take a look at how US tax works for expat and digital nomad entrepreneurs (i.e., people who own a business that involves selling something other than their own services)....

Episode 9: Putting it All Together 2 (Freelancers)

Jan 6 • 16:52

Continuing the "Putting it All Together" series, this episode looks at how US tax works for expat and digital nomad freelancers (i.e., people selling their own services to multiple clients)....

Episode 8: Putting it All Together 1 (Employees)

Dec 28 • 24:18

In this episode and the next two, we'll put everything we've been discussing together and discuss how it applies in a specific scenario.  This one's for employees, the next one's for freelancers, and the final one's for entrepreneurs....

Episode 7: Non-US Tax (Plus Expat v. Digital Nomad)

Dec 20 • 23:10

This episode covers how non-US tax applies to Americans living abroad....

Episode 6: Beware the "Offshore Gurus"

Dec 15 • 17:12

This episode discusses why one purpose of this podcast is to "guide you safely past the snapping jaws of the offshore gurus."...

Episode 5: Foreign Tax Credit

Dec 12 • 15:53

This episode covers everything you need to know about the foreign tax credit--that's the rule that allows you to reduce your US tax by the non-US tax you pay on the same income....

Episode 4: Foreign Housing Deduction/Exclusion

Dec 7 • 13:01

This episode covers the foreign housing deduction/exclusion.  If you spend quite a bit on your housing expenses, and you make more than $100,000 from working, then you can use this expat tax benefit to knock out a bit more of your foreign earned income....

Episode 3: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion 2

Dec 2 • 19:54

This episode covers the physical presence test and bona fide residence test. You must pass one of these two tests to qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion (and you only need to pass one--no bonus points for passing them both)....

Episode 2: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion 1

Nov 28 • 18:30

This episode covers the foreign earned income exclusion, which allows you to make up to about $100,000 per year from working without paying any US income tax....

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