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Want to build a successful business? Packed with the principles, strategies, and methods used to grow successful companies, The Sweaty Startup will help you make your vision a reality. Hosted by successful entrepreneur Nick Huber. Short, to the point and no fluff.

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261. Advice for building in public and my business journey with Moses Kagan

Dec 1 • 43:34

This episode is from my recent talk from Reconvene: In conversation with Moses Kagan. We discussed my journey from my early years how I started my Pick-up and Delivery service to now owning a Real Estate Private Equity company. I shared a lot of valuable insight in this episode so I hope you'll enjoy!...

260. What does success mean to you?

Nov 24 • 15:40

What is your definition of success? For me, my definition of success is money in the bank. Because money, in my opinion, is a direct reflection of how much value you've added to the world. But as I've gotten older, I consider success a happy life. I consider success a balanced life where you're not just a good business person, but you're a good family member, husband, fath...

259. Hire fast, fire faster

Nov 17 • 11:49

If you are the owner of a company or the manager of a division, this episode is for you. As a guy who has hired over 500 people and fired probably seven people. I'm going to tell you something that's very important and you need to hear it. I'm talking about that employee that always seems to let you down, always seems to make these small little mistakes. Listen up, you nee...

258. The mindset shift that changed my life

Nov 10 • 12:21

If I think about any moment or anything that I've learned or a single kind of point in time that shifted my mindset and made the biggest difference for me as an entrepreneur, I can point to one time. It was the fall of 2018, and a good friend and mentor of mine brought me into his office....

257. Be careful about the advice you get

Nov 3 • 11:10

In this episode I’m going to share two observations today. I want you to take away some things, and I want you to actually think about this because it applies to everybody a lot differently. I want you to understand that there are two types of employees that work for you, and, two types of people in this world. There are people who get stuff done and then there are thinker...


Oct 27 • 11:46

I'm going to talk to you about delegation, the hardest and most important part of getting wealthy. I’m going to share a fact that I made up. 99% of business owners suck at delegation, specifically, management tasks. Meaning, a task that's not simply obeying orders, for example, answering phone calls or delivering kinds of stuff. When I say management task, I meant, doing t...

255. The hardest part of building a successful company

Oct 20 • 10:16

In this episode of The Sweaty Startup, I’m going to share what I feel to be the two hardest parts of building a successful startup. Not only do I consider these the most difficult, I feel they are essential for any Entrepreneur, especially for those in small business that are struggling with the management of their company. Now the sad truth is, these two qualities are one...

254. Making Money - The skill you need to develop

Oct 13 • 11:34

In this episode we're going to talk about money. I was raised to think about money differently than most people. My parents taught me the value of money, how hard you have to work for money, and how money is the means to an end. Money doesn't have to be the end goal, but it can be what allows you to reach your end goal....

253. Why entrepreneurship culture sucks

Oct 6 • 12:46

A little quick episode about what sucks in entrepreneurship culture. I’ve been trying to be positive and avoid being negative. So, let me rant for a bit. I notice lately how the media are romanticizing the idea of building a “start-up” business and gaining hype around starting a business with these “new” ideas. Frankly, I call BS. Find out more on why Entrepreneurship Cult...

252. The golden rule of time management - How to be super productive

Sep 29 • 11:50

In business and in life, small habits build success, and one of the most important habits is time management. Beyond being efficient in your work, the most successful people invest their time in activities that deliver value over time. The four quadrants of time management, a framework made popular by The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, can help you d...

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