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The Sustainability Agenda


The Sustainability Agenda is a weekly podcast exploring today’s biggest sustainability questions. Leading sustainability thinkers offer their views on the biggest sustainability challenges, share the latest thinking, identify what’s working --and what needs to change -- and think about the futureRead more

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Episode 140 COP26 SPECIAL Deep dive on the outcome of COP26, the structure and future of the COPs with professor Stefan Aykut

Dec 5 • 56:50

In this fascinating discussion on the COP, Professor Stefan Aykut, a German scholar working on global climate governance, on the role and expectations around COP26. Stefan shares a more positive assessment of COP26 than some others interviewed on this podcast: ultimately, he points out, the outcome is in the hands of national governments. Stefan argues that one of the main...

Episode 138 COP26 SPECIAL: Candid interview with former XR spokesperson Rupert Read on the outcomes of COP26

Nov 28 • 32:11

COP26 debrief with Rupert Read. In the immediate aftermath of COP26, Rupert Read shares his profound disappointment with the outcome of COP26, shares his views for possible ways forward with the COPs, how they might evolve--and talks about the vital importance of adaptation-another area where he feels COP26 failed to deliver. Unvarnished and candid reflections on COP26 and...

Episode 138 Interview with James Thornton, CEO of legal powerhouse ClientEarth, on using the law to deal with nature loss and climate change

Nov 15 • 57:41

In this hugely inspiring interview, James Thornton, CEO of legal powerhouse ClientEarth, talks about how the firm uses the law to confront nature loss and climate change. At a time when market solutions are in vogue to deal with climate change, this is a powerful testimony to the power of law to build effective regulatory frameworks to drive climate mitigation – and hold c...

Episode 137 COP26 SPECIAL: Interview with youth activists Sohanur Rahman, Lucy Jordan and John Paul Jose about COP26 –expectations and reality

Nov 7 • 01:00:30

A fascinating discussion with 3 passionate youth activists from the UK, India and Bangladesh, on 7th November 2021, about their expectations for COP26, their experience on the ground, and their concerns about the environmental challenges we are facing. Although COP26 is not yet over, and we don’t know the final outcome, these activists express profound disappointment with ...

Episode 136 COP SPECIAL Frédéric Hache from Green Finance Observatory: a critical analysis of carbon offsets and related market mechanisms

Nov 3 • 53:33

In this thought provoking interview, Frédéric Hache, co-founder of the Green Finance Observatory, asks some hard-hitting questions about carbon-offsets and related market solutions to climate change and the biodiversity crises-and financialisation of nature more generally. Frederic discusses the evolution of market-based solutions to climate. “It is interesting that the co...

Episode 135: Professor Mike Hulme talks about his expectations for COP26

Oct 29 • 58:46

Fascinating interview with Professor Mike Hulme on his expectations for COP26, the role and importance of the COPs, and the dangers of an overly scientific approach to climate change-- a reductionist framing of the problem in terms of numbers and deadlines. He shares what he sees as some of the biggest dangers of framing climate change as an emergency—drawing lessons from ...

Episode 134: Interview with Dr Genevieve Guenther on how fossil-fuel interests have manipulated language and the media to suppress support for climate action

Oct 25 • 57:38

In this fascinating interview, Dr Genevieve Guenther does a deep dive on the powerful ongoing ways in which the fossil fuel industry influences communication about climate change-- preventing us from not only seeing the true problem of climate change, but also preventing us from envisioning and desiring and implementing solutions. She analyses the various ways in which the...

Episode 133: Interview with Professor Daniel Aldrich on resilience and the importance of social capital in post-disaster recovery

Oct 14 • 58:59

In this deep dive on resilience, Professor Daniel Aldrich gives a fascinating overview of different ways of thinking about resilience—focussing in particular on the kind of resilience that allows communities to recover from disasters in a way that brings together resources -- and allows the communities to rebuild themselves so they're not as vulnerable as they were before ...

Episode 132: Interview with Professor Katharine Hayhoe on how to have a conversation on the highly politicised and divisive subject of climate change

Sep 27 • 48:50

In this interview, Professor Katharine Hayhoe, one of climate change’s most effective communicators, provides inspired guidance on how to navigate all sides of the conversation on a topic that is currently one of the most politicised and divisive. Katharine discusses her new book Saving Us: A Climate Scientist's Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World, illustrated her...

Episode 131: Interview with French anthropologist Professor Philippe Descola on our relationship with nature

Sep 18 • 01:04:14

In this fascinating interview,  leading anthropologist Professor Philippe Descola discusses his latest book Beyond Nature and Culture—exploring the different ways mankind relate to nature. In this book, Professor Descola identifies four key ways in which different societies have thought about nature over time-animism, totemism, analogism, and our current relationship: natu...

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