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The Stacks Podcast is an ongoing deep dive into the world of crypto with various hosts from within the Stacks Ecosystem featuring prominent figures from the world of decentralized technology, blockchain networks, and the communities and surrounding them. 

Popular episodes

How the different cultures of Bitcoin and Ethereum have shaped crypto with Matt Luongo (Keep, Fold)

Oct 20 • 48:32

Muneeb Ali, Co-Founder and CEO of Blockstack PBC, connects with Matt Luongo, Founder at Fold and Keep. Matt describes how his journey to buy a home eventually led to the projects he's working on now and how the developer communities surrounding Ethereum and Bitcoin have influenced the broader crypto ecosystem. They dive into what is driving the interest in DeFi and discuss...

What are most crypto launches missing? with Amanda Cassatt

Oct 13 • 41:01

For the latest Stacks podcast, Patrick Stanley — Founder of Freehold, the newest addition to the Stacks ecosystem — chatted with Amanda Cassatt, advisor and former CMO of ConsenSys.Cassatt joined ConsenSys during Ethereum's crucial growth period from 2016 to 2018, when she created, grew, and managed the company’s marketing function. Now she works with some of the most prom...

Will DeFi pave the way for 'Proof of Hodl' communities? with Camila Russo

Sep 28 • 51:31

Camila Russo, author of the 'The Infinite Machine' and the Defiant Newsletter, joins host Patrick Stanley, CEO at Freehold. They take on recent events in DeFi, discuss how permissionless finance is growing, and the ways different projects incentivize users. Later in the show, they discuss how tokens can be a tool for founders and community leaders and why they both believe...

Will ‘Winning Money’ Help Crypto Crossover In the Next Ten Years? with Dan Romero

Aug 21 • 46:47

Blockstack PBC’s Head of Growth, Patrick Stanley, is joined by Dan Romero (Coinbase). They discuss the ways crypto has tried to appeal to users over the years and explore reasons why adoption has tended toward financial products, despite a multitude of exciting and likely profitable possibilities enabled by blockchains and decentralized infrastructure. Dan predicts that th...

How The Intended Use Cases of A Blockchain Impact Scalability with Dr. Uri Klarman of Bloxroute

Aug 5 • 01:09:38

Blockstack PBC's Head of Growth, Patrick Stanley, is joined by Dr. Uri Klarman, Founder & CEO at Bloxroute for deep dive on the intricacies of blockchain scalability that proves interesting for technical and non-technical folks alike. The conversation covers staples like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, taking a look at how the specific problems each blockchain generally int...

The Future of Bitcoin Is Boring with Jeremy Welch

Jul 30 • 01:06:20

Blockstack PBC's Head of Growth reconnects with Jeremy Welch to talk about the future of Bitcoin, one they agree is a good way. Jeremy reflects on his learnings from the early days of working in the space and connecting with the Blockstack team as a starting point for pointing out just how resilient Bitcoin has repeatedly proven to be. They discuss why this mak...

The Weaponization of Your Data with Brittany Kaiser (Cambridge Analytica, #OwnYourData)

Jul 15 • 52:52

Blockstack PBC's Head of Growth talks to Brittany Kaiser, Founder of Own Your Data Foundation, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, and the subject of Netflix's 'The Great Hack' documentary, for a thorough exploration of how companies are leveraging data to influence people and consolidate power. Brittany leverages her incredible expertise and unique perspective to explain h...

How Do We Get Users To Care About Crypto? with Adam B. Levine of Coindesk, Tokenly

Jun 25 • 01:00:55

Blockstack PBC's Head of Growth, Patrick Stanley chats with Adam B. Levine of Coindesk and Tokenly for a brief look back and how far crypto and Bitcoin have come in just a few years while reflecting on Adam's previous projects and plans. They discuss what ideas have yet to be tried and others that have, but deserve another chance. Going further, they examine some reasons w...

An Operator's Guide to Building a Crypto Finance Startup with Zac Prince of BlockFi

Jun 18 • 35:21

Patrick Stanley, Blockstack PBC's Head of Growth sits down with Zac Prince, Co-founder and CEO of BlockFi for a deep dive into the places where traditional banking and crypto are colliding and merging. BlockFi is aiming to make crypto more accessible to institutions and individuals, while also bringing the value of crypto to more traditional users and use cases....

Making Web 3 Magical with Sean Li

Jun 4 • 40:15

Sean Li, Cofounder and CEO of Magic, chats with Blockstack PBC's Head of Growth, Patrick Stanley, about how Web 3.0 can prosper if we provide developers the right tools to enable smooth experiences powered by new business models. Drawing on Sean's experience at Docker, they chat through some of key considerations and design decisions that led to Magic Link and try to predi...

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