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Seeing the world, with Jesus at the centre. Encouraging apologetics and evangelism to speak life to a needy world

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Christmas Talks: 6 Ways We're Trying Too Hard | SLP384

Dec 1 • 49:22

The Pandemic We Forgot: Loneliness || SLP383

Nov 25 • 57:09

Glen Scrivener and Nate Morgan Locke prepare for Christmas in the latest episode of our podcast, discussing the subject of loneliness during this busy time of year and how it is like an invisible pandemic. Most of all, they discuss where the solution can be found thanks to a very special baby in a manger.

As part of this discussion, Dr Mary Northway from Linking Lives was i...

Christ, Crisis and Community || SLP382

Nov 17 • 56:16

The Health of the Church || Reeling From the Abuse Scandals || With Sam Allberry || SLP381

Nov 11 • 01:05:51

Glen Scrivener speaks again with international author and speaker, Sam Allberry. Sam was last on the podcast speaking about his time with the Zacharias Trust and work with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries which he has left.

Sam and Glen do not consider themselves experts in the field and speak here more generally about theology, worship, grace and where church cultur...

Why is "Original Sin" Trending? What Does It Mean? || SLP380

Nov 4 • 01:09:49

One of our favourite ever guests at Speak Life has stoked a giant controversy! Headteacher, Katharine Birbalsingh tweeted about her belief in original sin and all hell broke loose. (See this for instance:…772839421292549?s=20). What did she mean? What does the Bible mean? Why does it matter? Join Glen Scrivener and Nate Morgan Locke as they discuss the...

We're All Incurably Religious || The Five Magnetic Points || Interview with Dr Dan Strange || SLP379

Oct 28 • 48:23

The Life and Legacy of Sir David Amess (And The Blame Games That Followed) || SLP378

Oct 20 • 54:45

The tragic death of Sir David Amess MP last week triggered a number of "hot takes" from journalists and politicians. Many factors have been blamed including social media and heightened political rhetoric. What do we learn from these attempts to find a root cause? And what do we learn from examining the life of Sir David himself? Such lessons might not be the ones our polit...

Coming Out, Expressive Individualism and Evangelical Testimonies: What's the Link? || SLP377

Oct 15 • 58:32

Tonight on the SpeakEasy, Glen Scrivener and Nate Morgan Locke discuss the prevalence of expressive individualism. Modern people focus on ourselves, our journeys, our identities. We minimise the influence of history, family, culture, institutions—even biology. Instead we spotlight our personal experience and individual choices. But why?

The turn towards the self took a deci...

Fuel Crisis, Facebook Down, Life On The Brink || SLP376

Oct 7 • 48:30

Culture, Comedy and Christ || Breakfast With James Cary || SLP375

Oct 2 • 01:06:32

Join us for this fascinating conversation with James Cary. He talks about what it's like to be a Christian in the world of comedy. James has written for people like Miranda Hart and Milton Jones. He has also written his own plays and many books including 'The Gospel According to a Sitcom Writer'.

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