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The Soul of Enterprise: Business in the Knowledge Economy

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The Soul of Enterprise is designed to champion the insight that wealth is created by intellectual capital, a product of the inexhaustible human spirit. Wealth is above all an accumulation of possibilities. These possibilities lie hidden in the womb of the future, waiting to be discovered by humanRead more

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Economic Lessons from Literature-The Verger and Harrison Bergeron

Dec 3 • 55:24
In the past year, two short stories have come to Ron and Ed's attention that provide some economic insights: Somerset Maugham's The Verger and Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron. In The Verger, a church employee is fired even though he does his work quite satisfactorily. Bergeron is a cautionary tale of the notion of equity - equality of outcome.

Links can be found here if y...

Encore: Scroogenomics: Why You Shouldn't Buy Presents for the Holidays

Nov 26 • 02:36:10
On Black Friday, the biggest Holiday shopping day of the year, Ed and I thought it would be fun to review the book, Scroogenomics: Why You Shouldn’t Buy Presents for the Holidays, by Joel Waldfogel, published in 2009. Waldfogel estimates that giving gifts nobody wants is a deadweight loss to the economy to the tune of approximately $12 Billion, mostly on credit cards. Mone...

Interview with Samuel R Staley, The Beatles and Economics

Nov 19 • 56:40
The Beatles are considered the most influential popular music act of the twentieth century, widely recognized for their influence on popular culture. The inability of other bands and artists to imitate their fame has prompted questions such as: How did the Beatles become so successful? What factors contributed to their success? Why did they break up?

Ron and Ed will explore...

Interview with Matthew Feeney - Eye to the Sky

Nov 12 • 56:26
Drones are among the most exciting and promising new technologies to emerge in the last few decades. Photographers, firefighters, filmmakers, engineers, and retailers have all used drones to improve public safety, innovate, and enhance creativity. Yet drones pose unique regulatory and privacy issues, and lawmakers at the federal and state levels are adopting policies that ...

Second interview with Baruch Lev

Nov 5 • 57:17

Interview with Marco Bertini - The Ends Game

Oct 29 • 57:12
Would you rather pay for healthcare or for better health? For school or education? For groceries or nutrition? A car or transportation? A theater performance or entertainment? In The Ends Game, Marco Bertini describes how some firms are rewriting the rules of commerce: instead of selling the means (their products and services), they adopt innovative revenue models to pursu...

The Ultimate Dragon Slayer, Daniel D. Morris

Oct 22 • 55:48
Ed and Ron are honored to welcome back Dan Morris, CPA, to the show. He's a master at the value conversation, and implemented Value Pricing back in his firm in 1996. He specializes in cryptocurrencies, wealth management, asset protection, multinational tax structures, tax optimization and much more. An excellent conversationalist, you don't want to miss this episode with o...

One Thing!

Oct 15 • 55:43

Free-Rider Friday!

Oct 8 • 56:42
We miss Free-Rider Friday's, so were it bringing it back, but just this once. We used to do this on the last Friday of every month. Most of our shows are “topic” driven, where we dive deep into one subject. Free-Rider Fridays were designed to be “event” driven, whatever issues are in the news that we (or you) find worthy of commentary. In economics, free riding means reapi...

Interview with Kimberlee Josephson

Oct 1 • 55:32
In Episode 349, Ron and Ed shared their thoughts and concerns about Woke Capitalism. In an email, Dr. Kimberlee Josephson wrote them saying, I just began listening to your podcast and I’m glad to have stumbled upon it! I wanted to reach out about your Woke Capitalism/ESG segment since this is an area I am trying to voice concern over. Well, in this episode we look forward ...

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